Episode 338 - Learn my four step process to manifest anything using my W.I.S.E method. You're manifesting every day whether or not you're consciously aware. In this episode you will walk away knowing how to design your life rather than live by default.

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Thank you for joining me for today's episode if you have it yet you shouldn't subscribe and share this episode with your friends this podcast was created to help open your awareness to the true true you are a limitless being you are worthy and deserving of an abundant and prosperous life it's time to peel back the Falls Police and remember who you are light and love horses or to contact me directly please visit my website Heather hates.com again that's header hates.com without further Ado let's start today's episode welcome to episode number 338 today I'm sharing with you my 4 step wise method to manifesting I haven't talked out in quite a while is manifesting and it's something we all do every day whether or not you're aware of it so I don't like to talk about in my line up all about mindset and understanding that when you change your mind you literally transform your life but we are, we are create or so whether or not you're craving by Design or die by default you're always manifesting in life so what I want to help you with is how to be a conscious Creator how to design your life and what I'm sharing with you today is my wife method for manifesting this is something that came up with quite a while ago but it really was just what I learned through different experiments I put myself through and I like to make simple steps and I'll of acronyms and that's what I want to share with you today so to 4 step process and just so you remember and if you haven't go back and listen to one of my previous shows but everything is manifesting comes down to things it's our thoughts so our thoughts are the electric energy were sending out in our emotions or feelings are the magnetic force drawing things and experiences to you so when you think even the high Vibe you're sinking in the line and you're feeling when they're connected together that's how quickly things come your way that's how you manifest consciously and by Design so that would help you with with this wise method of manifesting it's a four-step process and the W stands for what so you have don't know what it is that you want and this is why I like to be specific or measurable so if you want more money the front a quarter on the ground that's more money to be clear do you want $500 you just want to make red do you want enough to pay for that trip you want to go on do it $10,000 what do you want a pardon the interruption is this contest is resonating with you I want to offer you some additional resources check out my website Heather hicks.com and take the free life assessment this is a great way of feeling in alignment and abundant and wear your simply feeling stuck stretched out or is someone recently emailed me ruining their life I've also created a self study for all of that mindset and manifesting I guess I got my website and click on course finally if you were ready to eat. And really transform your life I offer one-on-one coaching I will teach you what has taken me years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn in with you right now to learn more and schedule your 3 strategy called back to regular programming if you want a relationship do you you know what that person look like what do you do together what more importantly what does it feel like is if your what is something with career and were well what is that or do you want to start a business where is it that you want to come home or where is your home I can go on and on but the first step in the most important is the W the what what do you want cuz you've got the create Clarity around that stuff number to and that's why I shared with you and ceilings piece of it the I stands for intentional alignment and what I mean by that is let's say you're currently vibrating on a scale of red think of it in a radio station okay you're currently vibrating on a 90.2 frequency however the things you desire money relationship experience whatever it is is at 98.5 you don't have alignment do you see how you're down here on 90.2 but you want to be up at 98.5 so how do you bring us together how do you bring them into alignment or what you need to do is be thinking and feeling at the same space of already having your desire rather than Sunday or one day or I would like to when you were thinking and feeling from the end result that is already yours that's how you create alignment because there's no longer back there's no longer a gap of where you are to where you want to be it is it's the same if you think of Life as a time is the exact same. You already have or you already are in that thing which leads me into the s equation the S is the speak as if and that's why I shared with you it's not one day or Sunday or I hope to or I want when you speak as it is the clear he's saying it's already you're rather than sitting here in like $10,000 versus I have $10,000 those are two totally different frequencies and vibrations and their different outcomes so when you speak as if there's another one and I really like to find a perfect partner or significant other but that's sitting in a lack in a wanting versus off I love the relationship I'm in your the perfect partner for me we have so much fun and DC help painting a totally different picture when you speak as if find me the easy in this wise method is all that excited anticipation and what I mean by this is and I've said it before it's so easy to get hung up on the house so if you know the W the what okay I really want fill in the blank but then you get hung up on the house well you know how how could I get into that new house I only make this much money or how am I going to meet a significant other I guess I'll get on a dating app and just keep swiping or how am I going to start that business when I don't know anything about tech you're screwing yourself but I can do it the best way I could say that because you're sitting in a mindset lack and wanting and not having instead when you live in steel and vibrate from a space of excited anticipation that's know what you want is speaking as if it's already yours you have the alignment because you're thinking and feeling and and you it feels so real even though you've imagined this feels so real that's treating me excited anticipation and then that's how you quickly draw the experience the person the resource the money whatever you need to do you but I'm trying to share with you is when you limit yourself to trying to figure out the house with ever teen and strategy and steps and hustle and grind you're creating self-imposed struggle instead when you realize that intimate potential is out there and you are an unlimited when you follow the wise method stemming from the unlimited being you literally connect to the quantum field that's what this is about when you connect to the internet possibilities that are already out there you draw it to you you create at ease and flow in abundance without efferding without struggling without trying to make it happen from your limited human perspective I hope this excites you and purposes apply because remember experience is not power just remember no it is not our experiences hate this why is manifesting Method take his four-step process and put it into play what do you want then create intentional alignment next speak as if it's already yours a Sid and Liv and exude this excited anticipation of how it's going to come your way and then finally most important share it with me I want to hear from you how did you implement this why is manifesting message to draw your desires to you hit me up on my website or find me on the different social backward because I want to hear your stories thanks for tuning in to