Episode 344 - In this episode, I share with you a recent exercise I did to take inventory of where I am - and where I want to be. You'll learn how to upgrade your thoughts, habits, beliefs and more to close the gap from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Show Transcript

Hey there it's Heather hakes welcome back to my Channel today I want to share with you an exercise I did recently that I actually recorded for an online training but I want to share it with you I thought it was that good it was helpful for me so I know it'll be helpful for you and what this exercise is it's about taking inventory of who you're currently being versus the it cells that you want to be so I'm going to ask you to do this exercise with me I'm going to walk you through it and you're going to get way more out of it if you actually do it with me rather than passively listening instead I want you actively paying attention doing the work on a sheet of paper just take one out dry align the right down the center on the left column right current self and on the right column right ideal self so the point of this exercise is well it's about self-awareness which I talked about a lot because if you're not aware of your current thoughts and beliefs have it the havior than action if you don't take inventory and really swear you are how can you ever get to where you want to be because I know you have desires I know that you have things you want to experience things that you want to have maybe it's cars are both or a bigger house or a relationship if its finances if you want as a really big cyst successful business whatever it is I know you have desires is part of the human experience but without realizing and taking inventory of how you're currently being it can't get to where you want to go because there's not alignment that's what I'm sharing with you so what I want you do in this last column be brutally honest with yourself as number one but write down different spots beliefs habits and behaviors of who you currently are being and it doesn't it doesn't mean it's all bad but I want to help you find that gap of where you are where you want to be that's what we're doing in this exercise so for example if your current self is you wake up every morning you hit the alarm hits new van you hit snooze and you roll out of bed and you're rushing to get ready and driving in your late for work and then it's Groundhog Day over and over again really away you want to wake up and start your day and do you think that's who your ideal self would be highly doubt it so be honest with yourself do you wake up are you excited to get going for the day or is it just like another day you have to get through also what are some other habits are you a concert procrastinator do you spend a lot of time scrolling on social media that you could be using that time to be productive doing something else do you set things off for one day or Sunday do you find yourself going down rabbit holes self-doubt or imposter syndrome where you are sucking black and scarcity do you find yourself setting goals that you're going to get up and you're going to go to the gym then you never do that's what I want you to take inventory up so where you currently are what are your constant thoughts beliefs haven't behaviors whatever it may be some other ones can be in end this really is about being honest maybe do you feel sad a lot are you depressed are you lonely are you just feeling in a phone or are you bored are you going through life's motion where are you currently all right now let's get to the fun part let's flip the switch I want you to think about your ideal life if you could say here right now and if you had everything you wanted your living situation your Social Circle your relationships your finances your health time off experiences travel children whatever it maybe if you had everything you could possibly desire how does that person think I feel the hate and do how are they spending their time and do you see how these are two totally different people that's the gas we're finding that person gets up every day and doesn't have to hit the snooze button that person is consistent with routines and rituals that person is resourceful excited they're happy they love life their high-energy they're always seen a big picture the silver lining in they're turning challenges and obstacles into opportunity and most importantly I believe there is a I like to say it's an attitude of gratitude but I can't even feel for myself right now is if I'm being brutally honest with myself and with you my current self is I'm not always as consistent as I want to be and you know there are days when I have a lot of free time that I could have been more productive I don't have a problem getting up in the morning that's just I'm a morning person but you know am I saying yes when I need no MI you know am I taking on too many things and not ultimately not getting anything done and my resorting to eating out when I really want to be cooking at home what are those cursor thing and then if I step into my ideal Heather this amazing coach in this business and you know the top chart podcast who would that version of me that would be a high vibration that would be high energy I'd be loving life and constantly creating content because I love it not feeling obligated like I have to and not I'm not saying that I feel that way but I just want to share with you when you can see the two size of this scale now you can realize where the differences are so you can step into this ideal self and whatever you wrote for yourself in that right, maybe it's somebody who is grateful and in love with life and kind and compassionate and empathetic and abundance and whatever all of your traits were on the right side here's what I want you to know that's who you truly are at your core and that's why this exercise was eye-opening for me when I wrote it all down a who my current self is in my ideal self what I want to be in step into so I can actually experience all these desires and things that I want my life I realized the disconnect and I and seeing it on paper because I'm so visible and biting and it out was so powerful to realize I'm not that far off but now I can see that this also I've been having the behaviors I've been doing the happiest I've created I've got to let go of that level of Consciousness because that level of Consciousness for you and for me right here right now is not going to get you to where you want to be because that ideal self that true self that you at your core this light loving unlimited abundant being doesn't have negative thoughts isn't you know putting things off this side doesn't do things out of obligation they're two totally different levels of consciousness and so that's what I want to help you do it in this exercise when you ride it all out and see that Gap you see the disconnect now you know where it's time to up-level your thoughts your habits your beliefs and your behavior to who you truly are so that you can tap into that core energy that hyvibe individual that you are and then you can begin living your life that you weren't as always I want to hear from you when you do this exercise when you are so honest with yourself and you do remember flexion you take inventory become aware what happens and beliefs are you letting go of and what habits and beliefs are you creating so you can step into the level 2.0 this next true a version of you and your belief system you're pulling back these limitations that aren't really you so you can get your core energy and exude and vibrate and emanate from that and what I want to leave you what is this your perception create your reality and it's about living from the inside out when you change your inside when you change your mindset when you change your beliefs and your habits and your actions from the inside your entire external environment is going to change with you that's what I'm excited to share with you I'm excited for you to even excited for you to feel that these layers so you can Shine from the inside out thanks for tuning in today's video I'll catch you on the next one