Episode #333 Laina Orlando joined me to share ways on how to be more self aware. It's important to question your beliefs and become curious to make any lasting change in your life.

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Laina Orlando thank you to everyone listening I am excited to dive in so I left for you to give a background where do you live and what do you do so I currently in for the past 40 some-odd years live in Atlanta Georgia and I have been what I call myself as an awareness coach for the last 15 years and been helping people become self aware but I'm in a transition I'm about to shift that but that's what I've been doing for 15 years what are you shifting into I want to help people who are ascending so there's a very big difference between becoming self-aware most of my clients have been moving to Awakening and I find that I'm helping them assisting them in the Ascension process so I'm shipping everything to 2 more of becoming aware of what event all about can we back it up and give up more conversation cuz this is something I speak up so I definitely talk about when it regards to my said it's about becoming for celiac become aware and then you have to 5 I believe live intentionally they first have to have that where that so what do you mean by self aware and end what is power of awareness is that most people have no idea that we operate from 2 cells there is our our higher selves or God cells the essence you know when when somebody says be having a human experience well our divine cells is our higher self and it is a capital S cell fit their souls. Whatever you want to call it but it is our authentic cells and then our human cell it smaller as hell that is our our mental construct of ourselves as my mother father teacher preacher told us we are but we have what we do so it is a an identity that is created based on information received from the outer world are higher cell is a know a nurse that comes from within our inner world it was born without knowing this but our are Laura self self that is so for example a child that that is born let's say I've got friends who adopted a little girl from China and they waste their in the US and they raced her to believe she's American and me know she likes french fries and hot dogs and male chicken fingers her her Essence Core Essence is Chinese but she has become identified as a Southern girl and even talk with a Southern draw but has she been raped in China then her ego expelled her her sense of self would have been Chinese she would have been Chinese food at that would have been the thing that she would have preferred so just as our depending on where you grow up determines you know who you think you are that's what are Eagle is so you have different parents are the different personality if you are raised on you know it's different culture you'd have different egoic personality different ego make sense of self so becoming self-aware in the reason I call it the power of awareness is because of you do not Empower Yourself by understanding these two very different aspects of cell your natural self your authentic self and who you think you are based on what you've been taught you operate basically the disadvantage because you never asked this your true source of power which is your authentic self you're constantly you know pushing up against the world attempting to become somebody because your idea of yourself that is learned from the outer World blocks you from access to your your true self your superpowers are all in your inner world I'd like to dissect this a bit so first of all something that came to mind when you were talking about that I definitely learned be in metaphors and so I kind of think of our this mental construct as though we're a computer or Hardware so if we think of the easel not in an arrogance like all that guy has a big ego but if it's a virus to the hardware is that a fair interpretation I I wouldn't say of the viruses that you go I would say the virus is is believing that you I would say the eagle is a program using software so it sits in a if you decide to delete the software you deleted but are our arrogance you know the lies that we tell her that's that software is who we are is really the virus that corrupt the the software because we are aware bleeding something that is changeable and to me. That's where the virus is so the mind has to be we have to train ourselves to question the software and that's what delete would remove the virus that's how I would see it well that's I think where they wear in the cheese comes in but so here's a here's what I understand and some of this that were talking about stems from The Book Of Course in Miracles this whole Duality and separateness but if you think about it there's nearly eight billion people on this planet and we've all created these quote identities I'm Heather your line up that's my neighbor he's a guy that's a girl so we wait we created all this separation the separateness the need to compete and and scarcity and fear and we've created this insane world but that's not our true how do we delete the software how do we let it go in in step back into the the truth our power will it's a great question and that is that's really what this work is all about that the whole process of Awakening of becoming self-aware is the willingness to question every single one of the stories that we have accepted as true but we have to get past that righteousness that says no I'm not sure if I believe them their true and until then to me that's really the virus is is our fear of questioning our own thoughts because we had it's been ingrained in us to be right and if we were wrong well that's a bad thing so nobody wants to be bad and because God always is attached word punishment so we don't want to punish ourselves and be wrong about her at once we're willing to see that may be the reason we are not happy is because of all the way we perceive life the way we we believe and know what the things that we do The Hobbit so there has to be a willingness to question if you keep getting you know the kid doing the same thing expecting a different result like Einstein said at some point we begin to question and dad that is the necessary something necessary to be able to become self-aware is to question your thoughts and that's when you begin to discover that there are two different thoughts systems to two different one is the operating system is part of the hardware that's her true self 1 is the software change so we've got to get okay with you no changing eventually deleting this awful but at least changing it for me how it's worked for me is Crossroads I don't want this anymore and and I simply so these are the words that I use humility. A city and then to surrender the need to control to let go and I've literally asked for guidance so my new mantra has been show me the way cuz I don't want to struggle anymore I don't think any none of us like how to say want to struggle but I think it's the belief that we have to struggle to get a header cheever whatever it is so and that's a software that 10 stall bit of software this whole thing about we have to struggle not everybody believes that and that's how you know what is our authentic self we all believe the same thing when we are authentic our ego Xcel for our program self condition cell thanks lots of different things depending on your religion depending on your your of your gender your sexual orientation that the culture your your religious background all the beliefs are very different so that's so we got a question all these different believes and as you begin to question them they begin you begin to see their limitation there are do block of your your true authentic self and one of the the word that you used in humility surrendering curiosity without the Curiosity wait we can't move out of our ego away our Eagles control over our thought system so we've got to get really curious this is a very has to be a gentle process change the Eco freaks out and will deter you because in the ego loses control and power will it doesn't want that so how can you kind of Tain the ego and it's okay and I'm just don't want you know like how this is it feels like an internal battle it is and since you like metaphors I'll use one that I that I used in my classes all the time so you know the spine movies when you watch my movies what what is something that always has to happen is to find out the secrets of your you know opponents like I've grown up watching my dad used to love the James Bond movie so what's a thing that James Bond always did is he always always always attempted to get to know the the the bad guy or the bad woman so he would befriend them and he would befriend them to get the secret and after he got the Secret's out of them then then he treated them like the enemy kill them destroy them whatever so I look at the Eagle exactly the same way first I'm making my amigo all right I want to hear what you have I do I'm open to hearing all your secrets why do I think this way who taught me that where does this come from why do I believe that so make you go my mi amigo so I can understand it all the while which is something I learned from the Course in Miracles the eagle is our enemy it is it is attempting to take us to to death because the eagle is that part of ourselves that see your staff so in essence it causes us to not live our lives fully connected to you know Fully Alive it's always worried about catching something or something going wrong so that's the enemy to life so I play with my ego in the beginning I spend many many years cuz it's been quite the Journey of making a mi amigo and understanding it through the Curiosity will why did I choose to do this versus that why do I keep going out with the same person why am I in this marriage and I'm not happy why am I why do I need that job why do I need to nail six figures why is it important to me why did I tell my child to he has to do this or she had to do that I begin to question every single song that I had and it began to open up an entire it was like almost I I opened up all of my software I do this because Mom told me so I do that because the government says so I do this because grandmother rewarded me when I did it I do don't do that because father told me not to do it I stay away from those people because that's what Society said I follow these rules because the government status and I begin to see I don't do anything because I want to I do everything because I'm afraid that if I don't I'm going to not follow a ruler I'm going to be disappointed or disappoint somebody or I'm going to be rewarded by somebody and I realize that my life was end live by by my true self it was live by my program cell and that's when I went into my Dark Night of the Soul because I literally had a mental breakdown I was like two people inside of me and I couldn't I couldn't manage what I was realizing because I didn't have the the training to understand it all my Sarah P that I had gone to the never prepared me to understand I had to crazy you know how crazy voice in my head in the same one that can teach me about the difference they just help me to blame all my Insanity on somebody else well and that no and something a phrase you said is Dark Night of the Soul do you think that everybody has to go there or can you you know I don't think we have to go to The Dark Night of the Soul 2 habits Awakening in this awareness but many people do apparently so dark night of the soul is not really the right name for my perspective in the right name should be the dark years of the eagle because it is when we're bringing light to the eagle and seen Oliver ugly trades are seen all of our ugly deceptive ways the way the next to light the way love became conditional transactional it is it is all about self-protection and and intimidation and years of seeing how ugly we really become when we are operating from this this very fragile sense of self cuz that's what the Eagles deceased victims that we take on this boy personality but we all have to go there there's no way how ever did you have to be so hard it would have that Curiosity to question our thoughts because so many people enter into this spiritual awakening through the self-help movement and through wanting to become better and make more money and get a better job and be better parents be a better lover be a better better better better better better or something cuz we think we're not good enough so there can be I seen a lot of people especially the ones that I've had the pleasure of working with for an extended. Of time it's an incremental process that is with and have to be so abrupt however they cannot avoid the pain that they experience when they begin to become really brutally honest of how many we are that's painful to realize that what we thought we were one way but we actually were behaving in a totally very vicious way it's very vicious vicious vicious at worst is the point of the course this whole on learning this whole peeling back the layers of this whole facade or I believe what it says is a smokescreen to the truth the essence of who we are with his light and love you. But it has to be done you have to have the understanding of those two part because a lot of people start the course because they're learning about the eagle and Dad dad's for a little while if he was really exciting you're learning about the eagle until it's time to undo it but it's also about recognizing that we are the essence of God God God is there is there's nothing else God is the energy the essence the all the hits love it's late I mean God is all of that so we're doing it in tandem we are looking at what blocks did and then we are revealing what was being blocked so it happened in Tandem and but the course is really clear that we have some obstacles to accepting Our God as him and lot of people will come to understand that you go get some wonderful information get some clarity about what God is but never quite come to the place where is all when you accept your goddamn I mean that that's how it happened because you discover it actually that's when it gets really vicious if try to hold on to that sucks sense of self because you use the powerful word use the word surrender this so when during part we think runs my life let's not fight that way the surrendering is you thinking you have to do everything by yourself that we're surrendering that part of ourselves and accepting that we've never not had the presence of God it will breathing got is what what is animating us you know. Is align so it is that they coming together in tandem about releasing of the blocks to the presence of the love that has always been there so and not. Swear to me that the distinction between self-awareness the power of awareness and I've got these two voices and Awakening is I now only listen to 1 is that daily intention though minute by minute that okay I talked about going to the mindset gym so you don't you know this is daily work to build that trust to build the the new Focus to build the trust in the face and this minute mile care like I got some work to do there is yes some people have an Awakening and in it it's instantaneous that's how it happens for me and you know you connect something opens up in all this time you know things you did not know before that experience and for me when it happened I stayed inside of that God connection that portal open 5 minutes and I sat in this total and complete merging with with truth I mean who I thought I was still away and I was just being with source with God as God and that high stayed with me for I'm going to say probably a couple of days where I wasn't in an altered state but then when when that experience completed I had kids Mommy Mommy make me peanut butter and jelly sandwich mommy take me here in a client's calling the realtor can you show me this house has been calling can you get the laundry done and I'm in this altered state where I'm like oh my God can you all just say that the effort as I wanted to feel that high but we're in the world and we have stuff here that needs to be taken care of and we have things that are happening that have to be addressed and that's when I realized in hindsight not right away in hindsight I realized oh when you had that experience and many of us have them many many times you have to have had it otherwise and beat you would be so determined to just do this you have failed. Transcendence of your your truth which is what makes us speak it when we become determined to want the truth and nothing but the truth it's because we felt that that then informs us of of that there is more and there's something that has more value but it's not tangible you can go to the store and buy a can of it so you realize that you you got to do some work to sustain it that's what the journey is all about something you shared with me this quote that I wrote down and I want you to explain it I love it so every because this is where it came from I asked you about triggers and I think so for me my understanding triggers are actually a gift cuz they're a gift to forgive it's a left and it's the you know you're being triggered means it's getting something inside of you that you're irritated by this is your quote every irritation is an invitation to question egos motivation how do you catch yourself in that triggered moment or experience conversation whatever it may be and go whoa wait I can question the egos of motivation and in a way to give a personal experience or not but realizing that stop pointing the finger outside of you because as you said projection is projecting something from internally so you explain it I know you're you're doing such a beautiful job yes and that's something that I learned from what we don't want to see in ourselves we see it we see the liars and cheaters that you know all the people out there that do all about things so that we don't see that we are capable of that is well but they are when I began to to Really dive deeper into my process I began to realize that every single time that I had a shift in inside of me like a corset a shift in perception that I felt lighter it was because I began to take an irritation something upset me I I reacted to something and I was on a curiosity bandwagon I want to make you go Miami go I will began to ask myself a why did I react why they're what they said bother me what about make me feel this way it made me think that you know that I'm missing you I'm thinking that they think that I'm not so I began to question what was there so the irritation with an invitation for me to dive into that that self-awareness and every single time without fail it always let me to my Eagles motivation which the eagle is always about service to this day alone every time I found myself being so freaking selfish I came to the place it was always everything was about me I was always irritated for something that always have to do Whitney with me not getting my way with me not being and knowledge with me not being a special with me not being the center of attention or whatever it was and that's when I realized oh my God this voice thing that I'm making my Amigos really my enemy because every every single irritation pointed at an aspect of of myself that was ingrained in my subconscious mind as part of the received an and it was always always always any go exhausted because it's it's not it's not my real self so my pretend cells is the one that I got to understand better through the air with patients if it wasn't for that little saying that it was it just became my my regular let me go let me go in I never would have been able to see the layers and layers and layers and layers of the different ways the eagle uses to distract us from seeing that we at the core of the eagle which is why it's so painful to see it's it's it's self-centeredness victimhood and that flips into being a bully and it's it's a really it's an ugly place inside of it and we all have it because it's a denial of the goodness of God inside of us so what they advise me when you are triggered here's what I'm hearing cuz I was trying to like put this all together so if I'm triggered to stop question the motivation to ask these levels are players a question to take your power back because what is it internally that you feel or think about yourself that they're actually just shining a light that's why it's an invitation it's a gift in all these mirrors come in for you to see yourself in those mirrors but then we are saying no you irritated me or you made me feel like that or you did that to me exactly so I'll give you a simple example my son would come home and and one of them when he was little one specifically remember this actually happening quite a few times and he will come in and he had a teacher oh I can't think of her name right now but it will call her know mrs. B's mom misses be made me so mad and I would say to him why would you give her your power what do you mean give her my power I'm like why are you saying she made you mad you're choosing to be mad at what she said and he would not let me me feel really really bad about myself okay so she said something you are choosing to feel bad and I was I would ask him why would he choose to feel bad about what she said because she embarrassed me from the class and I would ask him what did you say in front of the class and he would go on to share whatever it is that he has shared from the class and I said to him if that is your answer why don't you own it said it was wrong what you can own that is your answer you could say there can you please correct me if I'm wrong let me receive the correction will eat the motivation for his ego how come go with the victimhood and in victimhood he got to then be mad and blame her but here's the ultimate motivation of the Eagles and not hear the correction of the answer so that he would continue to operate inside of this victimhood and it became a pattern for him for a while that really blew up when he started doing drugs but because of all those questions from when he was little he was able to see that he had this this and I know I'm guilty of this because I help program him I was the source of his power and his dad we were the ones who always knew everything and he didn't know anything we had to tell him what he needed to know so little by little what he was doing was saying I can have my power I always feel bad cuz you guys take my power away and I'm like this invitation is an invitation for you to take your power away and it's okay to say no one can you please tell me what it is and stayed grounded and that it's okay that you don't know everything but he had been trained everybody knows more than he does and his irritation be mad it made him mad with a reflection of he was getting his power but he was really mad at himself for not feeling comfortable and safe and secure enough to say I don't know the answer because he had to be right about his answer so there's so many things I did ran into all of these different believes the programming that he got from his parents that the teacher you know she's there to teach but he wants to be right he doesn't want to be wrong and embarrassed in front of the class so he feels you know teacher makes them mad because he got embarrassed in front of the class for having the wrong answer and we priced them only when he was right we punished him when he was wrong so so many things get all mixed in and it requires a lot of lot of gentleness and curiosity to peel the layers of the Sonia call The Eagle until he came to the place where he realize that it's okay to not know the answer to okay to be wrong it's not a big deal but Infuse that Humanity with a sense of of knowingness of its Eternal infinite cells that doesn't get affected or hurt or offended add to beginning to merge the two when I left that phrase it's a lot of untangling but for somebody who's new to this this might be you know the Eagles deception would be that's overwhelming that's too much there's no way I can do all that so maybe what is just an intro an entry-level okay to become self-aware and my power of awareness and then to is it what just a question or thoughts just start questioning and it in there really for somebody whose brand new at this is the easiest thing to do is to to determine do you like feeling good or do you like you no feeling bad because if you have a reaction to something just question that make me feel you know what I feel really bad I feel irritated to believe you know what am I believing about myself and made me feel bad that they don't like me okay am I going to get all upset and feel bad inside of myself cuz they don't like me or they said whatever they said and when we start noticing that our thoughts make us feel good or bad that right there that right there is so powerful because then you can begin to questionable what why am I letting the situation or what it change how I feel I prefer to feel good and I prefer to feel peace and that becomes a real simple way of questioning things But people are so confused about what happiness means and in the beginning happiness really should be just PC what do I want to feel peaceful about this and and a sense of of space inside of myself please feels a lot more because most people don't even know what happiness is think we got it by happiness we got to do something and get happy so happiness is really don't understand how you're right so actually wrote on a post that it's on my computer and it and I did I simply wrote those three words I choose peace but that takes intention and that takes practice. I love that okay so question for you from our conversation today what is one key takeaway you want leicester's to get oh wow is that the key thing I want these listeners to get is I just love your sense of curiosity because you remind me that Curiosity that I had to have the takeaway would be steak serious question everything because it is it's a told me that we would make it all up so we can change your mind and if you stay curious do we begin to see that we don't have to believe our own thoughts just cuz they're in their head and it will willing to stay serious we discover so many obstacles to our ability to experience peace the first one being what is a quote or motto that you live by I live by the motto of life is meant to be fun and easy because I have my experience with sores and sore said I asked it I said how will I know that I am I am living my life in alignment with with you at all times and said your life will be fun and easy and I said I got three kids a husband the dog and it said very clearly as you do and letting life unfold Woody's you're not in alignment with me and I've taken almost 20 years and live into that and that's my motto I love that what is the book you're currently reading or highly recommend oh my gosh right I highly recommend the bhagavad-gita I am re-reading it and and it's about Hinduism and it says so much over the course of Miracles only in a different way it doesn't break down the ego like the course does but it is it's so appropriate for what's going on today because the setting is is an account in years ago 5000 years ago when we love and and it is a battle that we need to experience recognizing that we are all Eternal so it it just it's helping me really understand the craziness in the world right now I'm just a different it's just a different angle that the same stuff as A Course in Miracles final question what advice would you give your younger self oh my gosh what makes you happy I would have followed my heart things would have been quite different however because I didn't follow my heart I learned the lessons atop me how I learn not to follow my heart which then help me question all those thoughts so that no with all of my heart around about way of going and a great note to end on line and thank you so much for joining me it was a pleasure and honor thank you so much for having