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Lauren Saunders joined me to share the key to your success in business, finances, relationships and more. In this episode you will learn how she quickly overcame $30,000 of debt and has been able to create alignment in her business and life success.

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I can't wait a little background where do you live and what do you do so yeah I'm in Florence on days I live and work in Toronto Ontario Canada and I am a business Mentor predominantly for online entrepreneurs who are building their businesses that are quartz creators their content creators and I only work with people who are really more about energy and alignment and manifestation I talked a lot about marketing as well but it's all kind of with it and understanding that there is an action should be taken that can perform your like police essentially so that's what I'm all about and that's why I work with okay and yeah I'm excited to unpack a lot of this but ultimately in I think why it's easy to talk about entrepreneurs it's theirs is one thing I think most of humanity is Tiki and that is freedom but let's talk about what does it mean to build a life of freedom and why have we gotten away from I believe it is you know it's our Birthright to be free so how have we gotten so tied down and into this this rut of doing I think it's just what we've been conditioned with you know we are from a very early age are told what we're supposed to believe and what life is supposed to look like and how it is that we create outcomes that you know through action and it's we're told what we can reasonably expect in terms of what our lives to look like and that was definitely the row. Down for quite a while was I was told like this is probably what you know what possible for you I had a teaching job and that was just what I heard from such a young age so I think that it's only when they know that their right they have so much Freedom within the older and we hear other people's beliefs and societal standards we adopt those and then we don't allow ourselves so much of the time to access are you know like you said god-given freedom because we've been told that what what happened for you you chase the societal Norms because that's what we're conditioned to believe but what was the change for you that was like you know I don't want this life anymore he said I tried to find Freedom within that that life for a number of years I went to Australia after Teacher's College deny it taught there for about 3 hours and then when I moved from Toronto I was looking for jobs which were difficult to find at the time as a teacher and I just had this like intuitive knowing that like it was like this anxiety of even if I were to get a full-time job next 42 years like it felt so limited and it really was like an Intuition or just like a deep gut feeling of like there's meant to be more and I have the utmost of respect for teachers I think it's incredible you know jobs at the right people just aren't there it's so important but it just felt like there has to be more than this for me it felt really live it up for me and so I kind of just started playing around with the idea I did end up getting us a part-time teaching job here in Toronto and I decided that because I couldn't get full-time work I would start my first business which was just going to be like a side hustle background is Visual Arts it was supposed to light speech for it and I had a friend who had a successful business. You know what like I'm good with find you tell I'm going to try that out make a few hundred dollars a week so they don't have to get a second part-time job 6 years ago and that business just really really took off for me and it showed me you that I was capable of making good money working for myself and the freedom to design my day really spoke to me and so while I haven't been quite a while and it was not my calling first day it just it gave me access to being myself as a none and I believe in the Bible to me so it would make it sound like it ignited to change for you the way I do business coaching business was that I started mentoring people is Elijah Industries on line side on marketing and helping other people build that kind of business and that over the last two years has transitioned into me helping other online business owners I think I was already excited so to speak but I didn't I have limited believe I didn't actually think I was a business person until I prove myself wrong on that I believe whether we're talking business or your career and work relationships your house whatever it is are you familiar with the 80-20 rule add my contacts so the one that you had the one I disgusted that any success in life as 80% psychology 20% strategy mechanics but he liked it entrepreneurs even people with health and fitness you know they get so focused on okay I got to do macros and all this work when it's like that's 20% of the equation why aren't any more focus on this 80% that's going to give us those results yeah and I I would even argued that it is more than that because you have to take action especially that you take is a reflection of your mind size though even 20% is still within the mines act like I've seen such a difference when a client and and myself but a client you know is taking action from a place of beliefs they done the work they believe in their success that action is so different it is an extension of their minds and that of their belief system so action is important but mine's is really a game of all the way through your mind is on board when your boxer and you're the police are on board if you're going to just naturally take the right action when I guess what I talk about there's a difference and actions put yeah you can't just sit on your couch and everything you want is going to come your way you know there's such a difference in that Forest efforting trying to make something happen with the beliefs of black and scarcity limitation The Inspired action of being cold and flowy so maybe can you talk about the experience those for action and there's been so many times in my business and especially the early days for the first like 12 months was that forced action I was you know listening to a lot of people that talk to about the marketing strategies that work tonight and you about mindset and energy and manifestation and I knew that it was a big part of it but I didn't know how much at the time and so I was taking tons of action I have the Facebook ads and place and I had the beautiful marketing funnel and all the things that I wasn't making any money and it was forced and it didn't see all good I didn't actually believe it was going to work and so it did it as opposed to you know my my business break through really came when I tuned in and kind of looked 4 guide Within Myself and and had an idea for my my program at the time that was for helping last artist and not just to get the whole thing was so easy it was like this is such it makes so much sense I threw together a Facebook group that had a thousand people in it inside of a couple of weeks I want you to program and make like $15,000 a month after a year of things not working end of the difference was like doing for the sake of doing and believing that just threw action my results with how much they did not even though technically speaking they should versus tuning in allowing for like that flow and I've been studying a strong intention at the time I really wanted to be full-time and my online business and then allowing they are and when I did that it will explode so effortlessly and even though I was taking a lot of action it wasn't I wasn't trying to figure anything out like I just every talked when I took with the right one and everything just clicked you know what I mean so are you Berry familiar with or study anything with quantum physics yes I actually have a program with a friend called the quantum creators course and yeah we drive really deep into the observer effect and quantum theory and how it is that our attention on something a potential reality we were thinking about you know visualizing where we want to go and we're thinking about the results if you want how our thoughts literally on a subatomic level create the physical world it's really incredible information to come across and to actually understand because human beings are so much more powerful than anybody really realizes and if people knew they wouldn't ever give away their energy or their attention to anything but they did not want to experience more of in their life and in the world okay I'd love to see size that and I have a question for you so I don't know why but this just popped in my head so I love dr. Joe dispenza a steady hand attended to the week long and as an example yeah definitely if I think something to experience but as an example when we're sitting here talking about the effort in get all the things you quotes should be doing and didn't have the results here's an example he gives and actually this is on he was interviewed by Lewis Howes on Lewis's podcast but just kind of talked about let's I like talk Talking dating and Get some Dave hopefully meet somebody and dispenses like stop looking at body parts but I think what you're teaching and loveseat I have it but with this whole Quantum field when you're in the high Vibe State when you have created that believe in the emotion you become a magnetic force and you're all things to you from like unknown variables and it slows he's an effortlessly you don't have to do this twice game or the marketing and posting 16 times a day and so can you share more about that yeah I mean it don't come much believe in a traction anymore I still talk about that because it's such a like you don't people people out it's kind of popular it smaller for me about creation the nearest how creation works and it's all about quantum physics is you imagine a scenario and you're visualizing it and you're getting into the feelings of it and everything that was said it's hot in the in the world of manifestation but you imagine a scenario that represents the manifestation of your desired outcomes regardless of what that is or what area of your life that is within and what the universe does at that point for the quantum field or whatever you resume move it is basically orchestrates the series of events for the unfolding of you know that thing coming into your life and this is where most people can I go wrong with manifestation is the untold thing is happening if you've imagined it if you're sitting here just before it is as good as yours but we are so quick to judge that unfolding and say will this happen happened or this didn't happen and it looks like it's not like what I want isn't coming until they give up on it the secret to manifestation and Quantum Corporation whatever you want to call it is about continuing to think about visualize to observe that reality has been allowing for like that unfolding to happen in the way that that happened has like certain people come into your life and ideas about a conversation has had an opportunity shows up in your inbox and letting it all lead you to what it is that you want and so there's a big difference between set the end of the relationship and feeling drawn to be on a dating app for instance of which it should be like easy and it should be fine versus being like I really want a relationship make that happen and then going on to the dating app and like spending hours and being like no no no no like one of them is an allowing of the unfolding and it's already been decided or you and one of them is you trying to think your way they are and not really paying attention to the guidance that is available to you can you give a personal example on how you've done this will question real quick especially in the world even then I think that's very ego driven trying to make something happen so I have a question to clarify living in this Quantum space is it more like you are just living in the end result because you believe it's already yours is already happened no I mean sometimes but for the most part I don't believe in my experience has not been that you have to believe you have to be in a hundred percent police living in the end and every time you tried to do that it's difficult because we are living this life you do we have bills to pay it where in this freaking pandemic we can't just ignore reality and anything that suggests that you have to completely ignore reality and be super align with what it is that you want it just sets you up for failure because you're constantly feeling like oh my gosh I'm not a lines I'm not in the end all the time and therefore it's not going to happen right and that's where like the Law of Attraction teachings a lot of the time I think set people up for failure is like at your tonsils in your head monitoring every thought making yourself wrong when you have and do it or let me believe about money in my experience the quantum model and this is what I teach it's much more about just you don't even if I catch 10 minutes a day visiting. Reality taking herself there I like to do it in like a meditation and close my eyes listen to Lenox some binaural beats for music or whatever and imagine myself in the end and then I get off and I live my life with an expectation that things are going to start on folding for me and so an example of this goes back to what we were talking about later when I was like taking all the action and trying to make things happen I was about eight months into my business and I had done everything I could think of to you don't have the business work I hired lots of different coaches I had many different marketing methods are strategies in place I belong to different things that like one person we like I was in the business every single day investing taking the courses you name it I was doing it and it just was not moving like I was lucky to make $500 in a month and it was like a full-time job so I got to this place where I was like this isn't working like it's not happening I have to stop trying to figure it out and what I did was I actually as like a show of create I was really unhappy in my living situation of time as a show of faith I booked a one-way ticket that was about 6 months out that was to Rome Italy because what I really wanted to do was retirement last line until I already left teaching at this point retirement last line until move out of my apartment that I had at the time and spend the winter travel in Europe that heading like a dream of mine for ages so I started I went to the park everyday for like 10 minutes but I would do 10 minutes of visualization because my awful neighbors but I couldn't stand to be around and I would close my eyes and imagine stop walking down a street in row and I've never been to Rome or Italy so I was just imagining you know I looked at a picture and think of a street in row and I imagine myself walking down a street and in my body in first person and I was turning into the emotions of it I was hearing my boots on the Cobblestone and then part of the visualization was getting like a ping to my phone and looking at my phone and having received a payment notification and to me that that visualization if you want like more info on this kind of method never got our checks a lot about like what he calls an imaginary act it's over me that represented having being able to go pull her my business retirement last line until and what I really wanted was to be doing sort of like 8 to $10,000 a month so simple visualization represented all of that for me and I took myself to that emotional state probably just for 10 minutes a day for about 2 last time I was super in debt is not really making any money I've been trying and it had not been working so I had every reason to believe that this was not a possibility but I booked the plane ticket so I was not in a hundred percent I wasn't even believe really at all if you notice I was not living in the end I was I was feeling the opposite. I was not align but I was just creating it I was understanding that my observation on something like turns it into reality on a subatomic on some visits and within two weeks of really committing to that visualization and had a sudden idea at this point I didn't launch a program that were about manifestation but they weren't really working for me because I was questioning myself I had an idea of launching a program for lash professionals which should have been really obvious to me but it has never once occurred to me that that might be something that I could teach them that people would be interested in and it was just like I'm still eating idea I have bills I had a client coming a couple days later and she was like they're doing like a loss program for people like your business coach and have a lot of business do it was like I'm starting to be reflected back to me and over the course of the next for the week it became like this idea that I couldn't stop thinking about and so I I just put some feelers out there and do a couple of Facebook group that I created like a free TV guide on my ways to find last client and I got thousands and thousands and thousands of responses from people who wanted to join my email address to get this free pdf guide and I was like I'm onto something here and like week later I'd lunch at 4 weeks program it was around $600 18 people sign up and I watched that program every four months for like 2 years and every time it would you like 22 $30,000 in sales and it it started to like it gave me this Foundation I was able to I went I went to Italy because I was like now I have to look at least this one program and his audience that I can make money from when nothing else before I was working in the group kept growing and every time I watch the program that would make me more money and I went on that trip to Italy and I have that exact experience of walking through the streets making money on my phone even though at the time that I had imagined that it seems so Out Of Reach to me I didn't have to believe I didn't have to be living in the end I didn't have to be ignoring reality all I had to do was visualize it and then let that unfolding start to show itself to me end where this is really spoken about all the books he has one of the easiest ones 3 I think or like quick as one has called imagination creates reality but dr. Joe dispenza in his book called breaking the habit of being yourself is very first very first part of that book is 3 part he talks about manifestation and I had just read that book and I was like okay I'm just going to start picturing this and then I'm going to let the unfolding show itself to me and so for the first time it was alignment before actions and those options for easy it seems so obvious to me I had so much belief behind that program and every action that I took produced Mastiff results after like almost a year up taking actions that has very little this is all so that's just like a little sample now I'm like constantly creating that represent like the next this point this apartment that I'm sitting in my Mercedes that I got last fall but there's always just been like something small but I imagined that we represent the outcome and I would visualize that for 10 minutes a day I'm not even at perfect with it and it's just over and over and over again I just with paying off like 30 grand and that last year I just imagined you like going on to my bank account and seeing all my loans paid off as long as I'm consistent with it I don't have to believe a hundred percent I don't have to know the how I don't have to even be in alignment with it it ends up happening so long as I don't abandon it SAU Tech kind of big things there so consistency yes you have the belief of can we go back and talk about more of this alignment before action what does that mean for you to be in alignment before you're taking action align it means you're coming from the space of having the outcome rather than not so I was aligning myself energetically with the reality that I desired and then I was letting the actions reveal themselves to me versus being what we mostly do is really like I'm not making any money or I don't like this reality that I have or I hate this job and I put your align with because that's what we're focused on Star Energy from the emotions are police are thought we're line with what we don't want and we're always just you know getting more of what we are and energetic match to essentially he's so align number for Action means align with what you want at the Oakland that you want and then let the auction you know the inspired ideas show themselves to you as opposed to try to take action and figure out how to get from A to B is the Neville Goddard quote which is the fastest place to get soup as a place to come from coming from the end and letting the actions come because they're going to be different actions right coming from the desired result as opposed to trying to get to it okay so can we cuz I think this is an easy one anyone can relate to money financials so for example if you're currently in a space of black scarcity that when you were 30 grams how would you go from that dad cuz I can see Stress and Anxiety and obviously don't worry how do you get align to this row freedom the first thing I'd say about Dad is like I never completely like you know people think you have to feel super happy about it I never got to a place of total acceptance from the deck but what I did do was take the significance out of it in terms of what it meant about me and by that I mean like because we make herself so wrong for having that is such a loaded topic it's ridiculous. Like if you have $500,000 in a mortgage that that's a good thing to give you presents for it but if you should be ashamed and don't we give it all this meeting and we make a things mean things about us and we can decide that it doesn't show the person that I did was I said I mean it is said the reason is because I started a business that I fully intend to grant me all kinds of freedom and that was a smart move and it's not move the most people are willing to make but I did it because I'm willing to fight for the life that I truly truly want so I started having a different relationship with the right help as much as I could grateful for the fact that it had been available to me if you paid off like making big payments of it and it started happening so quickly I'm a big proponent of the idea of telling what what's the story that you're telling the story for such a long time was that it was Reckless and irresponsible and it was it was like it's something in a payoff in the future I don't have the money now and even when I was doing like $20,000 months the story was still like but I don't really have the money to put towards the Jack which sounds crazy but we just we tell these stories and we convince themselves of us them do a search engine that story and said I have the money now to pay off of that and I was visualizing at the same time this is really just the two things I do for anything that I want to be sure that I want a manifest I visualized it 5 to 10 minutes but they usually that's it I'm not miss days and I just got back and I'm conscious of telling the story of it so I started telling the story of like I'm paying off that I made a payment on Deck today even if it was $50 right because now your energy is in the direction of what you want rather than not and that was really it isn't like I I I ended up making the money to pay it off within like 3 months and it was show me how quickly you can ship things but I never I was never happy about it I never got to a place like it help me to visualize it being paid off because there was released in that I let go of the significance around making myself wrong for having that in the first place so just thought a question for you as an example you know how it might be taught how somebody might try to get over there 30 Granite that is sit down and create a plan get a second job think of all these things or you you simply visualize and about the money coming at you didn't know how but you just said that money and then it happened so quickly I got a call from the bank and they said we've been overcharging you owe me owe you $1,500 or just enough credit back to your here there's anything wrong with making a plan but I had a client just recently she want to stay up 20 grand is dead and she was like I'm going to have to like have a big launcher make all this money somehow and I said just what those that need to figure it out and just tell the story I had to start putting small amounts of money on the dad so she could tell the story that she was making payments and then her mom called her one day and said I just got this big ramp for my business and I want to give you 20 for gas and but I need that anymore and it happened a couple of weeks you know whatever you need to do to feel empowered about it but I don't think that happens faster because I wasn't trying to figure it out what I was doing was like I'm so excited by the idea of paying it off rather than like I still wanted to live my life my life and by nice things and stuff but every time I made a payment it felt good and I started making like regular $1,000 payments in the monies coming in and by businesses had a place to go and unexpected thing happened as well that gave me like a lump stop things like I had all this money saved my truck says of McDonald I didn't know nearly as much and suddenly there was a long time that I could put on it and I was like this all these things started conspiring when I I was just focused on the idea of it being paid off and seeing those numbers are made like a camber image of my bank account and like put in each of the accounts and like visualize that and I just stayed committed to it end it so what advice would you give to somebody who I mean they want a life of Freedom the time in financial maybe it's not to start a business maybe it is but you know what do you tell them you don't have to do it through a business podcast to she wanted to be able to travel with her work and she just set that intention and this job was created out of nowhere where she worked for a travel company and they just sent her places all over the world for like 2 years and she made six bigger is like staying at these five-star places like you don't like this so she didn't have an entrepreneur but anyways. I didn't want to say is like I when I started manifesting a life of freedom for myself I didn't actually know about manifestation of the time but I wasn't I was still like the idea of working for myself but what I was willing to do was be explorative about the ideas that came to be right so like the last business came to me as an idea I thought I was going to make a little bit of money on the side here but I was willing to explore that as a possibility and I think that the best thing someone can do is not take life quite so seriously and be willing just like what's the worst case scenario my mom was like what it just doesn't work and then you spent all this money I'm like I spend at least $1,500 to get this business started like I'm okay if it doesn't work like the first thing was like don't take any risk and I was like what's the worst-case scenario here like I was just willing to you don't be explored of about it and not like over a couple of years led me into a completely different life that I didn't even know I was create a Jester a willingness to you know explore a little bit not chicken Curtis Lee and even when I left my teaching career I was like I'm just going to do this for a year and see what happens like I wasn't being like I'm never going back to TJ like Aryan significant 12 years and still had student loans but I was just willing to explore a little and see what would happen and I never went back to it and I never will and now you know I just I'm just so grateful and then just going to play around and what comes to you I want to highlight something you said so you know you had been manifesting these different things before you even knew about manifestation so what I would like to point out there is whether or not you're aware you are manifesting daily based on the fox I didn't I had manifested all kinds of things before I ever I mean I knew I heard you was going to have station I actively didn't believe in it I'd watch like the secret and I was like that's a nice idea like was not enjoy it at all did not believe in any right now but yeah I mean your life is just following what you're thinking about that's the big secret so I was thinking about what happened was I was looking at teaching jobs and I met someone while I was traveling overseas to you in a couple years older than me and he had that was doing like $50,000 a month and he was like traveling around the world in first class and I was like possible like and I he recommends a book that's the 4-Hour workweek which was the first ever on traffic that I'm red and I think it just opened my mind up a little bit where I started being like I just started being open to a different possibilities still very much thinking I was going to get up but there was like I'd set this like sort of attention without even really knowing yet and things started to prevent themselves to me about telling a story of like I'm never going to be free and I hate this job but I have to stay in it that's all you're ever going to get if you tell the story of I'm not satisfied with where I'm at but I'd like to be open to the possibility of things shifting that one shift would take you down a completely different path in life one where you get to have everything that you want that's all that it tastes and that shift to me about surrendering in letting go and be like yeah right show me another way well that's actually exactly where I'm at right now and I'm very satisfied with my life and I feel content but it's been really hard to hear her in the last year and I don't feel super 3 row and driver I just have to lock downs and everything and I'm not like I'm going to move across the world I'm like show me what's next for me because this reality is not resonating and I don't have to try and figure out you know where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to do or how I'm going to make it happen I'm just like I know that freedom is always available to me it's a it's something I had create within its environment I can create energetically around me that then gets to you know manifest and so even just setting that intention I know things are going to start moving for me because that's just how the universe works I love that I have a question for you is a key takeaway because you clearly are in the mindset of like you are just an alignment and and slow but I would imagine that took you some time to get into I said I wouldn't say I'm the best at slow because I'm kind of like this is my goal and I want to make it happen now they're still like you go in like a lot of the time involved in what I'm what I'm saying and that's just fine you just have to continuously move to wear what you want I do think like I can tune back into flow when I when I'm like, I can feel that I'm 2 in my head but I think it's not so much that I'm like I'm flowing like I'm just letting things happen for me it said I'd let go of trying to figure out like I'm going to build a 7-figure business if that's always been the goal of its well in the works I don't know how is that what that looks like or how that's going to happen I can't possibly if I already knew how to build a 7-figure business I have a 7-figure business so I think we're the flow is is in allowing for guidance very much being in intentionality about what I'm creating right I have control over like this is what I want this is how much money I want to make this is go out how I want my day today like it to look like in the show me the way it doesn't even know what that might never get involved and tries to force thing to take away or your billboard message you want to get blisters immediate like it's always been about my intuition a lot like long long long before I knew about manifestation or I thought I'd be on this path I was always the one that was always trusted Mike. About things and so when I'm feeling like intuitively about something like this is not the life for me you know years ago when I was teaching I trusted that I believe that I was so I think just always there so much noise out there are now more than ever and if you can ask yourself what what truth resonates with me and develop that relationship that's going to take you places in my eye so I'm just constantly checking in with myself there's a million 1 people trying to tell me what I should believe or what I should be doing right now or how the state of the world is the level of attention to what resonates with me because that's all it's really my truth I love that okay so I left her wrap up the interview and I have a couple of Rapid Fire questions for you first one being what is a quote or model that you live by I actually ate some things up at the Neville Goddard which is acceptance of the end will the means to that end so in other words the more you visualize something the more the way there will be shown to you I like that what is a book you're currently reading or highly recommend I just started re-listening to it's not your money by Tasha cell number which is it like a spiritual guide to finances and kind of lessening the you know significance around money in the control in the fear that we have and surrender and more of it to Divine intelligence if you will final question what advice would you give you younger self my bike so did my younger self is I was always capable of creating way more for myself but I let others tell me otherwise and I took down their limiting beliefs and allowed them to become I don't imbibe I don't listen don't listen to anyone who's trying to tell you who you are and what you couldn't have in this life great note to end Lauren