Episode 337 - Angel Ribo joined in today's discussion and is sharing how to unlock your infinite power. Learn his daily disciplines and methods to his success in life, business and more.

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Welcome to today's interview I brought an angel Rebo Angel welcome absolutely thank you so I'm ready to leave from this pain but I at least know cells balance in a place called Plano in Texas United States of America and basically what I do I do two things number 1 Copper t o's and a compass and tripping or if they hire me to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure as a way to accelerate the growth of the business and I can do that because of the last 23 years I have work internationally more than 30 speak on 3 since help you more than 1,500 see that's why my friend that you know who is the CEO confident but you're the one of the main reasons why I 5 years ago I left Corporate America is because I my life purple she has to be actually to tell them to previous kids in Latin America and I created this nonprofit Coalition for kids and we we shall Voice key to let America be coming for dinners using the local resources so that's in a nutshell light my life like connecting with sea level is an intrapreneur so help them with their businesses and at the same time helping insert the previous kids in Latin America so I'm curious if you have such a business background something I shared before and and talk about often is the 80-20 rule that any success in life is based 80% psychology or mine set 20% mechanics or strategy can you touch on that Corporate America didn't know how to light for mold myself right as you know do they really do anything that they could paste my new business so that it will take possession for the market is that it's basically started my life so what he said to reflect on everything I had done in my 20-plus years in Corporate America to say okay so what can I say to the world that is true and and really makes me feel comfortable and I'm passionate about and it's not what they have done and this is how I came up with the numbers I met you before the reason why I'm saying this is because I was taking so much action I was really using my energy all the time all the time on trying to help and trying to build the business for this company that was working for that I E I E I see things that really my man should my my my fashion my enthusiasm was the Forefront of my strategy many times I had to go and I said to start helping you know groups of insert a entrepreneur has to become our business partners that here to help literally hundreds of sales people that have no idea how to sell and I had to be become their leader and did you know me of a nice day and the main reason why I was kind of successful with them is because all the time I will be in front of them and I will be using my fashion in my energy and convince her to do the same thing and that their attitudes will be much more important than any other lesson or book or no list that they could Embrace so I can I believe I strongly believe that we are beings of energy and did you find everything that we doing our lives totally totally to the point to the risk that sometimes we like what we do so much that you spend so many hours right if you don't realize how much go to spending at some point I've been married for 17 years soon to be 18 and I remember that I used to spend two weeks in a row traveling in Latin America or something she been in Europe 2 weeks in a row in the river my wife told me one time Angel you were so much John that I thought there was someone else and I thought that you were going to one of these days you were going to go back from one of your two streets and he would tell me angel that's over it is over but it's funny how all the way with Simon I was sending you to my passion they were stitching so many people it was working with so many deals I was still have my mind still at home and it was remorseful because I was never have told me not with my family right so again to everybody listening to us I I definitely think that 80% of everything that you do and accomplish in your life is related to your attitude and two would you really decide you're going to do it doesn't mean I'm you know I I don't I'm not anxious sometimes it doesn't mean I'm not fearful something you just means that when I feel that way I immediately realized I am at that dead rabbit hole was going to take action I take action to change my state you know I I know what happened to you I guess I would call that how do you course correct cuz something I say often as you know if John forward momentum here on the train or going but you get the rails by and saw and experienced an interaction how do you course correct I think it back on like that takes training the take that experience but I think that takes the creation of a habit let me tell you a few things that I do personally to be there early on a on a good select okay I'll be late we're human beings and we always have our being distracted we were talking about the expression before before we started to call today the number one I started the day regardless of how I wake up and sometimes it's hard for me to believe in something to wake up and saying I don't really want to wake up today blah blah blah I wake up every single morning and have a group of people to keep me accountable every single morning and we can drink something cold to add tension experiment every single day we do that for 30 30 minutes to an hour with 1 in tension experiment so we talked and we decide we know once a week we decide what we going to be intending for an every single morning a central us every single morning we indent for something okay so that's the first thing so every single morning my mind starts the day that's the first see second I haven't seen you in a few mission right and I believe you have emotions a lot so actually I can't hear one of the she's a cat with me all the time it happens to be on my table and now he's crazy I had one in my size table next to my bed and I have one in my car and you know what I feel down I start reading those of your nation which are extremely powerful and they change my place take literally they changed my state something else that I do I don't know if you heard it before but there's a bell is actually an app that's an app that the only thing that every 15 minutes to entire day everytime I hear this spell everytime I hear this Bell I change my attention in my focus because I have already my back this battle is already related to a start I thought that I am infinitely powerful I can do this I'm going to generate a lot of success and and Richard is doing during the day and reaches doing today right so if you have something if you have a q that allows you to break the destruction mode in which we have taken every single day and you go back to a place that you can you have that you have developed in order to change your estate and you can do that consistently you build an eventual e it will be built the thing is how do you start I remember that when I started doing my information that would forget to carry the paper with me obviously for a week and never had it with me until I started to have it always meet all the time Tony Robbins events he talks about changing the estate a lot right and she does it in a different way he actually makes keys or puts his body to know I love dancing I don't know about you header but I love dancing something I do from time to time I put my earbuds and I have a playlist of music that changes my estate and I literally started dancing clear in my office through story I just love to do that so these are different ways because again it's a matter of changing your estate and going back to a place yes I can do that let's keep doing let's keep doing it let's keep doing it let's keep doing it but ultimately in and actually similar to you I have a playlist on my phone called dance party so I do it to do but what you're saying is is that it's about being intentional so knowing where your emotions are in your thoughts and your focus and then you have these constant reminders to to keep you on track because how easy is it to go down the rabbit hole and to get distracted and let's talk about that was full of distractions are constantly inundated with our phone and social in the news and other people's needs and so how do we know stay in our zone of genius and limit these distractions you know we all have you know we were all went formatting location right day to 12 and then we went to college and then you know we went to work for someone else for many years right to head to gain some experience in sandfield blah blah blah in again we wouldn't this perfect world we were over we all were you know made right but at the same time we were being taught certain things that we've continually being distracted besides that we should be a cell phone all the time with us really needs a smartphone so the distractions are * 10 * 20 * you know so I mean this is the reality how do we get out of the number one thing he kind of word b a word of your being distracted be a word that I'll be your being distracted besides those don't they told you before something that I do all the time I like to actually get this message about it when I'm working and I have an automatic timer on my on my on my computer which is clear Focus for 25 minutes and you do nothing else but you know being for 25 minutes work and then you take 5 minutes break and then you can snooze for 25 minutes about building a system it's about building a system that keeps you completely focused against being focused is a learning is if you learned how to be focused because we have been taught how to be distracted all day long all day long I wish I would like to refer to as I would like to suggest you let it go to listening to us today together that day going to watch a movie called The Social dilemma if you haven't watched it already the social dilemma and you'll understand why all the sea level for Mercy levels of the social media companies they don't allow the kids to have cell phone you will understand why that's the case because they don't want to create a habit of being more and more and more distracted so you know what it's all about being a word that you'll be distracted at the step number one and second what do you do what do you put new place what systems do you put in place header so that you are able to be aware of them and then to something and Andy and then be focused on what you when you really want to entertain those who will get done that day for sure and awareness is key but so I want to ask you this cuz I think what we're touching on is you know again it's that focus and being intentional but if you've been so conditioned to be distracted to to live in what I called boring Xbox this comfort zone of you know like we're kind of puppeteers how do you wake up from that how do you wake up a cowo there's another way number one being open for us for being open to Opportunities how much time do you do you use a day per day or per week like to try to learn something new I mean how many people do you do really actively proactive you look for some other ways of doing what they are doing or or for doing a learning new skills how many every single way I think that more than ever that text message 3 okay that's one the second thing is okay so we talkin about I want to bother you some more shells that were mine or Spirit what are we talkin about here are we are we are we having some sort of balance here what are we doing what I mean I'm sitting down and reflecting on what are we doing on all those different roles of our life and trying to learn something new we cannot expect things to change it we don't we don't take action if you don't start learning something new right and it's only one thing I want to punch him there is I've gotten away from it is so standard in and pushed mainstream action you got to take action you got a struggle you got it you got to map it out and have strategy and I I want to ask you for me I've the difference in end taking action and trying to get motivated first that inspired action and being guided for the next step there's a different so which one are you doing I think there's this there's there's a space for both I think we have time during the day in which you have to be wandering around and I'm really looking for the inspiration and I do that I know they're older older you know instances during the day or during the week in which you are taking action and Ben and building up on that energy again going back to the main idea of energy right so when are you going to call Create A Cig what do you want to go to strikethrough I seen that you really have to put an effort and you have to take action and you have to use as much as you can in that direction but at the same time the only downside of doing that is that maybe you don't listen enough I'm going to your point Inspire action I think that you have to be listening my perfect remind my favorite businessman Troy he's taking Perfect action now take imperfect action now it's amazing that people are fearful of taking action because of the consequences of listening to what you were telling me I couldn't agree more that taking action taking perfect accent that's the belt making me Perfect action it's only as useful to you as far as you listen as far as you listened because as you are taking action and you're taking one route you are going to start seeing what happens around you what are the your clients telling you without your supply of your vendors your friends you're really telling you about what you're doing. Apply to many different roles in your life right but when you when you're hearing what happened in your journey is when you are able to 10 say oh my God maybe that's another idea maybe that's a good idea right and then you cursor right when you go to a new into another Direction but I think that life is a balance I need to make sure of both sinks of places where you find your inspiration I think that a long time ago we stop listening to our heart we stop listening to our heart this this little voice so today I'm blah blah blah on this is killing us listen something which is a hundred percent sure is that the only reason why we are conscious of this $60,000 is because we are not our thoughts okay so just just going to repeat this if we wear our thoughts we were going to be aware of our thoughts okay so we have something else that from outside location from outside where listening to a song that's who we really are okay so it means that we have much more than our physical body that we are know you are listening to or you are watching right now and this conversation we're having to tether your much more this boy is that something else is hating Angel maybe you should do this or Heather you should do that or hey have you realized that you know where I typically have my my most amazing inspiration I have it in the shower in the morning literally I'm having you when I'm headed when I had this music allow you no driving my convertible like at the start of the event at the speed limit this is when you know I'm heading really like my most incredible experience inspirational experiences and thoughts and say oh my God I should do that I should do that so I think that I can't there's a relationship between our energy out of state and what we are able to create at any given time so we have to be open we should have to be listened and we have to listen to mainly to our heart because I see that from our car which typically which which we typically don't listen to it where most of the answers are to what we to Orange creation into taking a Russian eventually and that's a powerful message because we have been so conditioned to take externally for answers for fulfillment for happiness and the truth is everything we seek is within but how do you how do you reprogram to stop speaking in to connect with him like you do this morning meditation with this group but I think it's about being intentional and choosing something easy cat that has always helped me a lot to end something that everybody can do he's he's going back to gratitude gratitude I think he's one of those magic words that we do we always we will always have memories we will always have people that we are grateful or things that we are grateful for and that we can really go to and immediately started changing and you don't going and and and realizing who we really are is a user headband I have to say that when I started many years ago I started using a headband that tells you when you are in a better State when you go to Alpha and also for the people that are not so he was basically go into deeper states of meditation right it's funny how I learn how to meditate and when I was going to a place of direct me to the lost my headband and the app of the headband started to show me that it was going in the right path so I believe that as much as your energy we're also and Tennis I we are continuously tuning into something in the universe calling. Calling the infinite potential the unified field, as you wish but there's something out there that we can release you need to that we've we've had not been thought we have not learned how to do you need to that place that exists and I figured that face that place of gratitude restarting from gratitude can take us there much easier and easily easily I love that and I couldn't agree more but it's about creating that space to connect to the higher power I message you shared with me that I'd like you to touch on or you know explain you said that we are infinitely powerful what does that mean because so many people are living thinking you know they're not enough they're not capable I can't whatever but why or how are we intimately powerful we were created ok so just looks just like you are and she has some point look at the amazing things beautiful things that you can okay I believe that we are weakened from the exact same place where those things were created from the exact same place every single day I'm helping both Executives and entrepreneurs right now we can all do that but I used to go to That either have done amazing things in the world or kids that are starting to the lives and they have done nothing and they live in poverty you know so I have been able to see and to realize that we all have an innate ability to create happiness and to create value for the other people around us I have always saying that and you are a phrase that you are a f*** about castles right so I can't really believe that you have an incredible power to ask questions because probably with one of these questions that you ask some of your guests the line for that person that was listening to your podcast episode set wow and that life was changed forever That's The Power of a conversation that's the power of having this you know making this is stedman's on a statement the interaction between you and me so I continue to see how people had been able to change the people of the rest of the people around them all the time just by being who they are that's why I believe that we are infinitely powerful we have the ability to change not only ourselves but everything around us I truly believe it could be scientific experiments done and they should be in people having scientist measuring measuring literally measuring the energy created on many different sites near a scientist that actually they do meditation all the time and they got a thousands of people and they meditate together and the amount of energy that is being created and the Miracles that happened in those places are Beyond human so that's this is document that I'm not making anything up that's why I told him that the problems though people are in fear why because they see we are being charged to 15 we never there's not that's when we leave in high school when we leave High School how many of us will do we really know how to collaborate with the rest of the world do we really know how to create wealth all together are supposed to compete against each other Are we collaborating more or are we competing for I've ever met her last year when I was helping here in the Dallas area with some wagoner's about people thing in times of Crisis I always thought that if we were able to develop one skill only only in business which is collaboration proper collaboration most of our problems will immediately vanished disappeared I mean it's it's what is what it is but we have been taught about we have been learning so I don't last compete compete compete compete you know even even send an email to send an email blast blasting people with its oldest beverage if you realize I mean the words have so much power we can develop bold this statement Sandberg kitchen and freezing warning that it's like all in reality in lately we are not violent or neighbors to see if it'll just driving along with us right so that's why I always say we are infinitely powerful and all of us can make a difference in this world and we can make a difference in everybody else's life because I see that everyday when I love that so that message is that collaboration is more powerful than competition and you're right especially in this whole energy field we are all connected so why would we want to come meet with ourselves let's work together to yeah I love that so question for you from your background and different things we talked about today what is like an overarching theme or a key takeaway you went listeners to get yes thank you I mean talk about I mean you use us very very good questions I think we stop them from two very important takeaways red share one with the audience paste that regardless of where you are regardless of what your emotions in your feelings aren't today regardless of table here for you might be for taking action doing something I'm not doing it you know life is too short really life is too short to keep on questioning things that you know inside of you you already have this post you have heard his voice saying hey I think that if I did that. I will have so much fun and I think that I could even make people's life happy happier so I that's why I always always always share this motive this month this month row of mine of taking baking in perfect imperfection now you know I think that when we become comfortable with showing apps apps are out cells and then showing up in the world imperfect beings I think that we started changing who you really are and we started becoming you start becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and that's that's case that can definitely change our lives forever at that would be definitely would like to leave the office thank you sir have a few rapid fire questions to ask you to wrap up the interview first one being what is a quote or model that you list by teams and bustle seemed impossible end until it was line I think it's by Nelson Mandela and I even let you know the words impossible is I'm possible exactly what is a book you're currently reading are highly recommend Baker's do size above the 12 principles of business operators in C Level executive Pizza it's a very simple very very easy to read book that everybody that has a business relationship should be should be reading that make it the baker's dozen of Highly Effective business operators really great Grey books by Neville jeffy's they also by Neville Justified joffe right final question what advice would you give your younger self take no risks take more risks definitely don't place a take more risks why because you're always back like it'll always why because when I looked back I think sometimes I think I wish I had done this before I wish I had taken also that that was offered to me at that point that I prefer to play safe and I didn't take it I wish I had that I would I wish I had experience more things and it would have said yes too many more things in my life great note to end on angel thank you so much for joining me