Episode 336: Do you have a mindset in which you are always chasing the next goal? Learn how this is preventing you from all that you seek and how to get out of the "I'll be happy when _________" mentality.

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Show Transcript

Hi there I’m Heather Hakes welcome back to my Channel today I want to share with you something that actually happened to me recently I got called out on something that was like damn that doesn't happen often but very recently I was interviewing a guest For an upcoming podcast we are talk about different things and A Course in Miracles and I was sharing that I'm fully immersed and reading the text and I'm watching videos on YouTube life I really want to get it down and he was like you having an achievers mindset and he and he mentioned that that's not a bad thing but having a diverse mentality means that you're always seeking you're always Everton you're always doing and as I've shared before we are not human doings we are human beings and she made me really respect and do some self-inquiry and I was like wow I really have been an achiever I and it hasn't been necessarily a bad thing because I quote achieved many things in life I completed a full Marathon I excelled in school I always did good with work and projects because I helped myself to a high standard and I pushed myself I was always about rows and evolving and doing my best so this isn't to say that that's necessarily a bad thing but here's where the end cheevers mentality is going to get you in a bind is going to get you stuff and it's going to get you constantly seeking and never finding and what I mean by that is having an achiever mindset or mentality such as I'll be happy when I'll feel fulfilled when I'll be in love feel like I finally got 6s when and we wait to fill in the blank this becomes a very conditional mindset a conditional experience in our life and the thing is you can do all this fill in the blanks you want cuz I did it I've been there and many other people have shared it with me Jim Carrey The phenomenal example I was actually listening to an interview of his on YouTube and let's just give his story okay so he she achieved so much in life amazing in Hollywood and millions of dollars of success and he shares that he wishes everybody could have that kind of success and millions of dollars to help you realize it's not fulfilling at all so what I want to share with you and having that antiperspirant it is great it's going to be your driver is that internal fuel that in order to take inspired action but what I truly want you to know is that you already are there's no need to achieve there's no need to prove yourself and ultimately that's what comes down to a cheevers The Go Getters the driver said the pushers and the grind hustle and grinders they're trying to prove that there were these are trying to prove that they're enough and the reason I can say this is because I've experienced that I felt that that you know if I could complete a marathon then I can prove that I have stamina and endurance and I'm an athlete or you know a certain dollar amount then you will feel successful at where were they able to date or whatever you're saying is and I just want you to know you don't need to go chase that thing that that dangling carrot to prove your worth or to prove anything about you because the good news is as a child of God which we all are and let's not get hung up on semantics we're all children of it's higher power source energy Consciousness we all have that inside of us and is dr. Joe dispenza says and I love his line who are you pretending not so by being this constant achiever always striving for the next thing the next level the next whatever you're always driving because you don't realize you're already whole and complete and perfect and wonderful exactly as you are so the only thing I believe you truly need to do is go back the layers of everything you don't believe that you are so peel back your self-doubt and peel back your feelings of unworthiness and not needing to prove yourself and feeling unlovable and pull back the The Guild in the fear in the you guys I could go on for a really long time sharing this with you but if you do if you pull back all of these layers the onion and you finally get to the core the essence you already are this is what I want you to take into the next time you have that goal and there's I want you to know there is nothing wrong with having the goals I want you there already feel whole and complete do on your journey right now today so that when you get that ankle when you get whatever it is you're you already feel amazing in that thing is just the cherry on top of your Sunday okay that's what I want you to know and that way there is no destination okay you're always going to want more it's part of this Human Experience but if you could have so much fun and not the need to achieve but I already feel fulfilled and worthy enough in your journey along the way then those fill-in-the-blank that we talked about earlier they're just going to be more exciting and it's just going to be play three different experience that's what I want for you so to all my achievers out there I'm giving you a high 10 right now because there's nothing wrong with it it's just time to shift your perspective to shift your mindset and realize you already are thanks for tuning in today's video I'll catch you on the next one