Episode 332: The word routine can be broken down into - RUT. If you're constantly doing the same thing over and over again, not only will you find yourself stuck in a rut, it's the definition of insanity. In this episode I teach you how to change things up - and get back on track!

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Hey there it's Heather Hakes welcome back to my Channel today I'm sharing with you what to do when you feel like you're stuck in a rut how many of us have routines and what you like motions and ultimately it's boring right it's predictable and guess what word is derived from routine Rush when you are stuck in a routine when everything is predictable when you're doing the same thing you were doing yesterday expecting new results what else do we call that be called Insanity and it's a perfect topic of what I'm talking about today is it's time to get out of your routine this time to get out of this rut but it's totally on you it what I want to share with you is I've experienced this heavily lately and I'm going through life motions and it takes me back to when I used to work in corporate I know what that's like to get up everyday feels like Groundhog Day You're cheering on Friday dreading Monday week in and week out and nothing seems to change but it's because you're not changing if you're not changing your thoughts and your habits in your daily disciplines if you keep doing the same thing of course you're going to run into a rut this like a no-brainer that's what it is to live life on a hamster wheel and this is something I used to complain about all of the time and that's what I found myself in lately I'm just I'm stuck in a rut and for me it comes to you know my gym schedule and just the monotony of each day especially this whole working from home and still you know some of our freedoms are as free so I want you to know when you are stuck in a row when you find yourself just being bored and life is predictable whether it's work or your health and fitness or your relationships or whatever you've got a change it up and what help me accountable is my Mastermind and we had a call this morning and I was sharing with that I'm just bored and what do I do and at the end of our master and calls we always have a commitment something we're going to do for that next week so I shared with them since you know it's people love to bitching complain about things that aren't working in their life but it's not as easy to go out and seek Solutions or that's what I'm all about but I also had that accountability I have other people's perspective to help me brainstorm and think of new things so freak sample if you find yourself in a health and fitness right well guess what I decided to do I'm resourceful so are you that's why you're tuning into this podcast and that's why you want to learn more I went to Google and all it did was look up cuz I just I want to change it up right I looked up an eight week women's fitness workout plan cuz I just I want new exercises I want new challenges and if you have a growth mindset which you do because that's why you're here listening you're looking to evolve you're looking to grow you want more out of life so get out of your routine get out of that run it's time to try something new so for example if you're in a long-term relationship whether you're dating or married or whatever it is I'm sure there's a lot of monotony with that especially if you're living together right so how do you get out of that rut how do you get out of routine you got to try new things and maybe that's committing to shipping date nights on Thursdays or signing up for a new adventure once a month or committing to going on a road trip or some sort of travels once a quarter whatever it is you've got to try new things maybe if you love cooking together well try a new cuisine right maybe if it's work and I know what that's like to go to your standard 925 you know what you're going to get you know you're like watching the clock waiting for 5 to leave how can you make that different how can you get out of that run routine well I would offer you this you could ask your boss for new and exciting challenges not necessarily taken and more work but like how else can you grow and evolve in this current role but the important thing what I'm doing is what I'm sharing with you you have to ask you had to take new steps be resourceful think outside the box that so sweetly what I'm sharing with you in order to get out of this boring-ass box you have free will you have choice and it's on you because you are the one creating your reality NSX York before this all stems down to when you're in that routine and ride it comes down to your results right so what I'm going to share with you it was the thought cycle this something I talk about often and I'm going to help you reverse engineer so you understand if you are stuck in a rut if you are bored with your routine is because your results and art what you want them to be so let's reverse-engineer it the thought cycle goes like this your thoughts is a four-step process your socks create your emotions and feelings those emotions and feelings lead to the actions or inactions that you take and those ultimately lead to results and outcomes so if we were verse engineer you're stuck in a rut your board will that would be more like a motion but still you're stuck in a rut maybe back to my health and fitness example I'm just bored at the gym I'm going through the motions I don't have the results I want to be more tone or just to feel different to be sore again I love that will West reverse-engineer so results aren't what I want what are the actions I'm taking well just going through the motions and I'm sure you can relate to this in your relationship in your work and in your own health and fitness if you're just going through the motions you're not being intentionally your daily disciplines are shitt so of course you're going to have shity results now, let's back it up more if you're going through the motions that's the action that you're taking that means your emotions and your feelings are probably low vibrate your bored as I share before you're just not feeling it so in these Low by the Motions will let's back it up even further that means you have negative thoughts or you're just bored or in a row. OK Google in order to get new changes we're going to start at step one it's time to think differently and that's why I shared with you be resourceful I went on Google I'm looking up new thing right I'm thinking outside the box of my normal routine so now with these thoughts and I found this new 8 week plan okay now I'm getting excited there's the emotion I'm getting excited it's change it's something new and those emotions are going to leave me too I'm taking you action I'm having a new routine I'm doing different things on different days different wrecks in different ways and different movements which are going to lead to new results and I'll come and get me out of that rut so what I want you to do is take this in an integrated where are you feeling stuck in a rut in your life what area of like this is what I call a life assessment is that your health insistence Fitness is it your mental state is your productivity relationships Hobbies where are you feeling stuck or bored and how can you use this thought cycle to reverse-engineer to change your out this I want this to excite you I'm not too overwhelming but that's why you take one area of life in this life assessment which you can find on my website other www.heatherhakes.com if you want to take it it's totally free resource for you but take the life assessment figure it out where you're feeling blah use thoughts like a reverse engineer in start again think outside the box beerus sourceful start taking new and different actions and I promise you you're going to have new and different results thanks for watching today's video I'll catch you on the next one