Episode 346 - Each month along with the moon cycle, I do a monthly refresh. In this episode I share with you my monthly ritual to stay forward focused and how you can do the same. Tune in and begin your own monthly ritual to stay disciplined and manifest your desires.

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Show Transcript

Welcome back to my Channel today I'm sharing with you something I do every single month and it's something I've been doing for more than 18 months and it's called a full moon ritual the best part about doing a full moon ritual is it something you can do every single month because of the moon cycle so if you think of a full moon ritual think of it as a monthly and rather than waiting until January 1st make big changes in your life you can keep in track every single month and that way if you find yourself falling off track you're not 11 or 12 months behind you just get right back on within just a couple of weeks so what I want to share with you is what I do every month during my full moon ritual or what I call a monthly refresh and I want to offer you some things you can do to the whole point of a monthly refresh is to take inventory and it's about self-reflection so I sit down each full moon ritual and I journaling and I reflect what are some thoughts I've been having that are no longer serving me what are beliefs that I have and have it in my behaviors what I what have I been doing that's not working such as procrastinating or saying yes when I mean no we're thinking negative thoughts or lacquer scare see when the truth is we are so unlimited so what I want you to do is Step number one for this month leave refresh has just take inventory do some cell 4 phut flexion and think about it what socks beliefs habits and behaviors have you been doing in the last few weeks that just aren't serving you because you cannot most of us want change in life right you either want change in your relationships your health your finances maybe work career whatever it may be but the thing is you can't change your current state of living your current heart with the same Consciousness and what I mean by that is if you keep thinking being and doing what you have been you cannot expect change that's literally the definition of insanity remember thinking you can make change with the same thought process that created the situation you're in so what I want to help you realize this monthly refresh is an opportunity to open your awareness to shift your Consciousness up a level 2 yam or less up level yourself into this new way of thinking seeing and doing and then those old habits behaviors that are no longer serving you you can leave them behind to remember step one is about self-reflection Step2 what I like to do is once I've sat there and I perfected and journal about what's no longer serving me then I like to do some self-care and for me that maybe meditation it maybe yoga and maybe going for a run I really really enjoy capping off my full moon ritual with a bath chill meditation music and reading a good book that's what I recommend for you is fine what you truly enjoy this self care practice whatever it may be as I shared with you yoga meditation walking in nature whatever it is taking a bath listening to feel good music lighting incense lighting the candles make some Sacred Space for yourself because remember this is a ritual and then the final thing you can do and there's plenty of these online item to find mine through Pinterest but you can Google it as well but it's a full moon for are and what you do is is you right you know something such as I'm now letting go up fill in the blank with your habits beliefs or behaviors were letting go of and I opened myself up because a full moon ritual is about releasing so I opened myself up to a bun dance or new whip New Beginnings whatever that is for you and then you end it with and so it is and what you can do with this piece of paper that you journals on the things that you're releasing in this new moon ritual prayer I'm sorry. Once you light it right it then you can light it and you release it and you can do this under the full moon what does is there such high Vibe energy at this time and you don't have to wait for a full moon ritual you can do it every Sunday you can do it once a month whenever it feels good for you maybe you remember the first Thursday of every month is my new month ritual whatever works for you but it's important to be consistent and that's why I simply like following the Moon's cycle so I hope you take this to Heart hope you start implementing your own monthly refresh your own rituals to get back on track to take inventory of where you're at and where you want to go so you can let go of this old Consciousness is old way of being in step into who you truly are and again feel free to connect with me on the different platforms I would love to hear from you what are you doing for your full moon refresh what works for you what do you love and what's come your way now that you've let these old habits go I'll catch you on the next video