Episode #331 Jen Fiore joined me to share the keys to finding happiness. Happiness is available to all of us. Pain and suffering are optional. Learn the power of forgiveness and choice to make this human experience a happy one!

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All right Jen welcome to be here a little background where do you live and what do you do with outside of Atlanta I'm an author and a mindset coach okay and we've already been talking for quite some time I'm I'm excited for today conversation we're going to dive into several different things but can you share a little bit how did you even get on well I myself had a lot of pain in the bicep to Egypt 8 I didn't realize I had celiac disease okay and so was until the age of 35 that I haven't found that out so there's a lot of pain and suffering a mystery to everybody and I'll plug along because I really had the personality in my life and my family at you know just enjoy life as best you can to fight with happening in the spice that's how I that was the model I lived with and I even was hit by a car when I was 18 and college and I had a near-death experience with that and still I just knew I was supported and I have loved me and I still would go continue on don't let these things get you down and it wasn't until the age of 26 when I had an ectopic pregnancy that back from the doctor that I experienced a great deal of pain and nearly lost my life again at the hands of somebody else so that shifted my entire mindset and view of the world myself I went into a great deal of thinking I was never a person that thought very much about bathrooms and whatnot because I have celiac disease are undiagnosed so whatever I eat haddock in my body but as far as thinking and thinking of other people in a negative way of thinking of myself and anything other than happy with that was a shift for me but here's a question for you for you know different people we studied if all create our reality and they need this he's in our body Dance Again from wrong thinking how did you heal from that so here's the thing and it's so funny you talked about this cuz I just address it today as far as silly I could also use that argument to why am I still in a gluten-free diet if I could feel my own body why can I hear from selected I personally Express this to everybody I speak with it I deal with what is in front of me right now and philiac disease and being gluten free is so not on my awareness cell anymore I've been gluten-free for 18 years that maybe one day in this lifetime I will address it and but at this time I don't really care it doesn't matter to me it doesn't have any more Islam non-resistance just ate my house is gluten-free but as far as pain in the body so I have arthritis from c227 cuz remember I was hit by a car and so now I'm in my fifties and my body has some experience with arthritis pain and so these are the things that yell the loudest in my life for me to address and become even more not end so that as far as I'm concerned that's where my healing is is living the best life I can go out of what this body is doing so if I were to have a scan today I can probably tell you that my arthritis diminished since it was a scan of 20 years ago I was told for 20 years I had to get Fusion my neck at 2 to 7 to be fused because I have very little pissed but I choose to use alternative thinking and healthy practices but mindful practices that pulled me away from pain in the body into Blissful life and so is using my mind to do that even a perfect example of that for anyone who has heard of our Supernatural and how he'd by mindfulness practice and visualizing healing he was like he was doing a triathlon on the bike that hit by an SUV but healed his spine and didn't have to do this crazy surgery and I want to touch on real quick so I'm I was you know claimed to be gluten intolerant was at like 13 years ago I had I was always autoimmune I was always sick low energy and finally figure some stuff out with gluten-free as well 13 years ago and you know it changed but more recently in the past few weeks the more I learn that you know we're not a body that this is all an illusion and whatever I decided 4 s**** and giggles to put myself on an experiment because it's mostly like fast food and stuff at Chipotle burrito yes I can have a bulb just want to hold a burrito into it so I started I went to Subway a couple times and got a sandwich I went to Chipotle and and then guess what because I decided that this exterior can't harm me can't hurt me I didn't wake up with a welt on my forehead and I didn't have the coughing in the itching and that digestive issues but then I had talked about I had it wrecked havoc and it was like okay so I think there is I did my own personal experiment there is power and thought how much power do I have I'm unsure I agree go 1000 per cent in the course of Miracles so there is a lesson in there that says I'm not a body and then there's one that's not about it I'm free and and there's also one that says I choose peace instead of that so in those practices of using those lessons I came to understand in my last of your journey in the healing of his body in this mind of this thinking I was just a total Nutter crap really am compared to everybody else I'm just a s*** you know nothing was working right I chose to stay. I'm not a body but then when you do this cuz the mind is a really slippery slope OK Google when you are so used to it's like Pavlov's dog when you're so used to listen to that eagle running this little program you have almost pulled back into this pattern of listening to it and it just in time, so you can even use a wonderful lesson like I'm not a body I'm free against yourself so what I learned to do with understand this is where the silly at comes in for me so you can understand what we started talking I understand now I am a human being okay in and put them all on the spiritually so I'm a spiritual being in a human being at the same time here while I'm here this is human isn't human this so I'm going to not be resistant if this body does something and I'm going to give it no more power because when I get in touch with the spiritual part of me says all knowing and loving and perfect The Columns at you and Miss down so the understanding that I'm walking to start doing both. A spiritual being in the human body weigh from it so I don't feel like his need to say oh well Jen's you have done everything but you still haven't kicked ass iliac what the hell I'm like you know I'm a Rockstar I had to 8 1/2 miles with arthritis my entire body and soul that's how I look at myself now you know what I mean so maybe one day it would be something I a dress but it's a non-issue when I don't even think about it is zero thought to it something you mentioned I'd love for you to talk more about it just the two we have a choice on who was a teacher in the arm mind so for example lot of times I talk about this is monkey Mike that mental chatter the internal Chaos versus when you're in slow and easy you know so can you talk about this hold the key in our mind and so do we choose our by I think of it as our mind is a computer and has a program and which program is it the ego or it's a god line and this is what I mean by when I say my humanness I would hate to say this is getting in the way and no I mean I didn't even know why it's probably really saying it but it's like what's up Tiffany for me when I'm writing this book I'm like my humanness of getting the ego part of my mind was getting away and talking over my spiritual part of my the spirit part of me the god-mind of me so the ego is so used to your survival but it also does not like for you not to need it so it's speak loud and usually when the split mine we listen to the loudest talker and so the god part of us that part of us who knows that were perfect and knows that this is not a problem girl you got this is never going to talk louder than the Eco it's never going to do that so it waits patiently for you to quiet your mind so that you could hear it so if there's never really a fight you're at where the ones fighting we're the ones like a goddess anxiety depression is whatever I'm feeling is really as listening to that part of my mind that splitting us to Eagle mind which ones are not a lot of this is semantics I don't want anyone to get hung up on that I love the acronym Brittany go what does edging got out but also when were talking about you know this splitmind the other side of it you can call that your intuition the Holy Spirit but you know and I love I don't know where I heard this it was so long ago but the intuition is that soft Whispers that intuitive not the ceiling where you at that ego as loud as that Stress and Anxiety it's the worry is that the chaos so there's such a difference between chaos and like light touch but how so is somebody is so used to being ego-driven ego mindset dress and Chaos how do you quiet that to get in tune with don't you think just like I often times different clients that it's like your you've learned so long how to do this right I mean if you look at yourself or look at a baby's brand new 2 year old baby 1 year olds there they're pretty much seems like they haven't had any of this listening that we've been bombarding our life with Society Church and School families generational things whatever it is a bombardment is the human conditioning on us so that actually lens to that part of ourselves that eagle mind to always bring that in the Forefront loudly to protect us right that's some pretty airports around protect us but it wants us to listen to it because it has always has an excuse that's where our subconscious beliefs also lie you know is in this Eagle teaching but when we can quiet ourselves and I know everybody else in the world has done this before and they've experienced that Nirvana that feeling and I never given a names when I never want anybody to get lost and names and words because you're right it doesn't block Journey it blocks your learning has to put a word in end limit yourself to work so don't call it ego don't call it a god Michael it loud and column quiet you know so you can go in like Sinister and you wonder why I like that vacation was great I did nothing you do for you wonder why I didn't go to Disney World looking at a stream of vacation ever allow ourselves to really get in touch with we were created to be quiet peaceful sort of us which then you can't hear that because you're so I can encourage everybody to find a mindful practice and the Maury and I know it's hard because I literally every single person I've ever spoken to his place I can't find the right one and I can't do it Hold Ya teach yourself how to write lefty when you've been away to your whole life is he is practice going to take a while to quiet it's not something that's just going to be automatic I mean put an app on the phone but still if you have those thoughts you don't think even if it doesn't work you know time and then when you do those Michael practices you know for yourself and set them up when you're in your everyday practices you're just like interacting with somebody at work or your spouse or your kids whatever you'll be able to bring that quiet up in those times because you're used to it so for example of mindful practice are you talking about me meditation journaling just sitting still all of those things absolutely I believe it or not covid from Mia's been a bit of a blessing coz I started a mindful practice of painting I used to love art when I was in college and you know my life was extremely busy and businesses in kids and I didn't I picked up the paint and now I would literally consider that meditation I mean Lord have mercy that was in the zone well okay so that's a great way to call when you're in the zone and slow and I just released a podcast on this because for some people trying to sit still and so is there is there to Twitchy eyes and so for me I found a lot of peace and then in a moving meditation for me it's running and something that for me that running and being so present I get like the downloads I get guidance I get a hug I get ideas I get but so far everyone maybe it's dancing or golfing or fishing or whatever it is to be so present there's not one way to do it I agree other so many beautiful things out there you can do I mean that there's a swaying practices and dancing practices and do and there's another one I have to tell you what I can't think of a name but it's a dancing practice and if meditation and just dancing and wiggling your arms and it's just fantastic and you think you can do that for 5 minutes 10 minutes and your your rejuvenated like that's amazing still do that I didn't know this is so sound so trivial but please hear me on it looking outside and being a nature watching Birds listening to the sounds like that that's sound so trivial insert right but it's so valuable it really is that you can find choir okay question for you and you just mentioned it but what do you mean by who we were created to be so really are we are created in the energy of Love okay so let me know it's hard for many people to understand that the entire world is based on energy right and it's a Quantum science science in our life but it is we're all created in energy and the energy of God or whatever you call it is an interview of love so we forget that in our journey in life in our human conditioning and a traumas that have happened to some people's lives and whatever it is or you know or their lack that they feel like it is dimmed in their life they don't get in touch with that light up that they were created to be in that love energy which is really on when we live in this love gacha Li attract that this is an energy attraction you and I talked before we got on here at Law of Attraction but within disempowering thought you're not really thinking about what you thinking of the body here and very little attention gets put on who you were created to be which is a loving being and in our life and in society how we deal with the things that come up its is a mindful practice to get in touch with that so I feel like from me personally I can speak this 100% for me knowing who I was. He was not necessarily if something was bad but I didn't understand it in my life but knowing that God is inside of me that light of what I was trained as a start part of me was a game-changer for me it really was because I had the victim mentality like I'm the only person that's in this much pain like look at the crap I have to put up with you know what with me to look at how good I'm doing life raising a family but in the closet if I can go to the end looking in the mirror you know Chuck is what I thought and it wasn't until I realized that I'm more than this body I'm more than a spiritual thoughts about myself I was created to be to light loving being and all of these things had a different view I just changed my mind about how I saw myself in knowing I was created in love so that was how I started to 2 the biggest journey in my healing the biggest section of my my life's a cat help me to actually get a happy life so I think one sticky question that and I definitely did that to my twenties I'm literally used to Google search it people are seeking their passion and their purpose what is their purpose how would you answer that I got somebody asked me that the other day like what is your purpose and I know that there's going to be a somebody is going to be like you're so full of it but I'm really not what I say my purpose I think everybody's purpose in life is to be happy I really believe we were created to be happy have you seen the Disney movie Soul no 4 Saga watch it it's a phenomenal movie and it even has a little bit of quantum like it's a really cool movie it's like I had at the game but literally the model from Soul is because it talks about you know this man character is taking his passion and purpose and the message she's given from I forget the little guy Joy it really we're just meant to be happy and end but the eagle goes no that's too easy I got to struggle and achieved and crew and I have to tell you from somebody who has you no experience great abundance in life lost it orange it lost it I mean we've gone through everything at the love of my family trumps everything so that was what kept me sane and alive but guess what is loving myself as being part of that equation and so when I understood that love my Ultimate Experience here on Earth is supposed to be about happiness comes right along the Holy Spirit energy whatever you want to call it locks it right in your life when it is literally the living version of The Law of Attraction you live your life and you're happy with your life and you're happy with yourself your life is going to happen in crap happen but I'm saying underline current of your life is in joy and happiness and that's who you know you really created a you actually experience more of it when you know it and you think it in your life and vibrating that has happened is not lovely you know but when you know you thinking or vibrating you're not feeling black and scarcity and wanting because you already feel so whole so of course more is going to come to you literally chapters on it I had to 12 operation one after the other after the other after the other so what was Ian vibrated I was by bringing that I pretty much sucked that my body was falling apart that okay so here's the big one I don't think we I think this could bring it. Cole is that forgiveness is key and it's something you shared with me but what was that process for you and what does that really mean at a deep level that forgiveness is everything really and it goes a little deeper we don't get too much into that but the Forgiveness of likes too personal for giving other people right okay so this person that did me wrong if you haven't had a trauma and you know my experience forgiving that but once you're forgiven that externally the biggest jungle in words like I had to forgive myself for feeling this disempowering and unloving thoughts about myself believing that I was this limited being not understanding what I was created to be to forgive the thoughts of myself once I started to understand forgiving those thoughts of myself again I embraced who I was created to be I like I understand it now and had you sent to me 30 years ago he jumped bt-dubs all this pain you're going to give you something like you have a lot of nerve to talk to me like that the Yankees would have come out of me big time I've been like I understand it now because this is the life I'm leading this is the journey that I'm going through when I guess I affect other people around me but there's a reason I'm here and it is to be happy to share the most I can in this life of Love while I'm here I love that have a good experience and you can the body can tell you certain things I don't give it any attention anymore it doesn't feel my life and steal my joy I won't let it okay for you what is one key takeaway you want listener to get from the conversation that you have a choice you can choose again every moment you can choose again so if you are a disempowered by thought disempowered in the body relationship work the work knowing who you were created to be yes whiskey for me because I'm a lot of body pain but if you know that you are more than this by and more than this experience and understand that your mind you can choose who you listen to you can choose your thoughts you can choose again every moment is new and brand new every moment we can be reborn so one thing on that I think I've I find it easy to beat myself up so I called getting derailed and when I used to get derailed from the train track forward momentum going to like my instead of feeling good I'm being intentional and I Get Around by something or someone or an experience I used to get you real sometimes for days and then it kinda and then it was like 4 hours and now but this is practice and this is about I call Ena like building that mindset muscle but how do we not beat herself up man I did it again I can I can choose again but f*** I did it again because I can remember I said 4 years human this is getting in your way it's at least acknowledging I know I know you are a spiritual being I know you are you're great but you having this yuvan moment this is your humanness while you're in this world it's going to come up and you are going to have to face it you're you have to face it go to next track my listen to Ego and sit there for 2 weeks and eat pistachio nuts which are lots of calories cut it off and on ice cream to you can do that but it's not serving you cuz it's some point you got to put some pants on and leave the house so I forgive myself for having that moment and then the moment isn't very long I forgive myself I need a video about that yesterday a 3 minute video cuz I have plantar fasciitis I went on a hike and I'm like what is this fresh hell I had that experience and if I had a moment of 10 minutes of some of them what the hell is this happen oh I got to learn something else from this so I forgave myself for my Tyree and what am I supposed to learn from that so where am I supposed to be what am I supposed to be like in I'm supposed to do whatever it is a thousand different reasons 2000 different ways to choose to see it differently and forgave myself and I do over my my hissy fit lament over we actually give it more energy and it becomes a fit because our way are you okay so to wrap up the interview as a couple questions I asked what is a quote Armada that you live by I really I am I literally I have a tattooed on my arm I am and then I I finish what I am love most days I am love or I am power or imperfect but and I am Mantra it means everything because you are including yourself in your creator I am part of that and I'm not outside of that I'm not a victim the book you're currently reading are highly recommend well I'm at my book is all the parts of me but I do and I actually do read that often because I have some medications in there that I I revisit but it's the Course in Miracles I recently I read something in there and inspired to open the book just I'm authentic Lee and hear what I need to hear for the day final question what advice would you give you younger self you know what honestly I really probably would say that God is not outside of you like I I would have told that little girl who is so afraid of the concept of Eternity and living forever like I thought it was when I thought I was being like you know I was so much different so I would have told her sweet thing you know you're part of everything you're you're part of God so I could have really been more power to had I known that I love that what a great note to end on Jen like you so much for joining me thank you for having me