Episode 347 - Sara Armstrong joined in today's podcast to teach you how to design, align and create your ideal life. In this episode, you will learn how to take your ideas and visions and make them reality. 

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Today's interview I brought on Sara Armstrong Sara welcome thank you so much for having me Heather I'm really excited to be here please get the listeners a little background where do you live and what do you do so I live in the beautiful state of Indiana in the Indianapolis area and I am a vision and energy transformation architect which is kind of a lot but what that basically means is I support my clients to take their ideas and visions and make them reality and then we break down their energetic profile to make sure that they're in alignment with making it all happen I can all their dreams and realities come to fruition quite a while about many different things and so we just jumped into the interview but I guess I want to start this way if you could give Humanity a billboard message like you're about to leave the planet your ear over this what is the one thing you want people to know question I think for me right now the one thing that like if I do know we're exiting the planet tomorrow it would be that that whatever you resonate with God Source Universe whatever you call that higher being gave you the idea that you have on your heart for a reason and it's up to you to step into it and to make it reality I love that and I think the only word I challenge you on his to make it real that cuz I think that's where people will at least and American culture it's the push mentalities the hustle and grind masculine energy strategy that a make s*** happen if Eva road map and it's exhausting and so I've stepped into this whole different space if I love the word alignment but so create to have ideas and desires but to allow it to unfold and for it to be shown to you rather than making it happen can you explain the difference I absolutely can't because here's the thing within the work that I do I have a piece of my company is out the vision of you and it is a vision of you and it's dream align and design your life to become your true self so inside of that what ends up happening is in this kind of goes back to you when you have that idea or you have that Vision or you have that flash of wow wow like what if I could do this right like it's not what if it's you absolutely can and you absolutely must do that same like you were given that for a reason because only you only uniquely you can actually live that out right and so with that being said there is a big difference between the hustle and the grind in the making and the holding on so time shaking my fist in the air for those of you that can't see us here on the podcast holding like your office so tight and wanting it so bad when you do that you instantly repel it like you don't even give the idea of where the vision a chance to grow so what you need to do what you need to do is align yourself so it's you have the dream you have the vision you have the idea then you work into alignment with becoming the person that can handle all of that and then you start to design it then you go out and you get the blueprint and you make it happen and I say make it happen because there's still some work in Falls Church right like you have to get out and talk to people or build the saying or you know create the website or whatever it is like you know like you have to do some work in it but you can't hustle and grind the entire time because I believe that you end up repelling it well index your example that fits so I think of it as white-knuckle it when your white knuckling controlling trying to make something happen your thoughts and your vibration is actually all about the lack and scarcity that you don't have it and so it's more of this manic manifesting trying to make it happen but I think something else you slightly touched on is sure I can't just sit on my couch and complete a marathon right there's there's got to be Action Bolt but yeah there's a difference of being inspired and guided was a hoss or ideas and then the resources just come to you versus oh my gosh I'm looking for a job I've got to update my resume I have to go to all the job boards I have to come what about if you just had the desire literally I saw someone post about this yesterday in a Facebook group her husband lost their jobs and the husband set back and he's like man my dream would be to be able to work remote for this much money and and whatever so he had a couple ideas fast-forward he ended up getting a job Way Beyond his vision better benefits than he's ever had and it's to work remote so I think that's the man I don't know how it came to them I don't know you know through a friend or connection or whatever but it's probably not out there looking on all the job boards feeling flustered and in trying to apply to 100 jobs today absolutely absolutely not because you know what what you tapped on was brings me to the other piece of what I do which is the energy right and so so if you think about it like we're all energetic beings and like energy attracts like energy so if you are like in that white-knuckling it down the road like what you're going to attract our situations and events where you have to continue to white-knuckle versus if you set the intention and you put it out into the universe and you say like this just like in your example this gentleman I want to make this much money working remote you know in somewhere in this range of you know industry then you now have a more clear picture of where you're going and like how to direct your ship and then you also have to stay in alignment with that Vision so if he were to say I would like to work remotely and making this much money you know in the tech industry right that's one thing worse is if you were to say I want to make this much money and I want to work remote on a cruise ship like that's out of alignment right because so so it's it's it's staying in alignment with what it is that your vision is okay question I want to backtrack a little bit something you brought up it and I hundred percent believe this that we all came here with people call different things sole purpose and I remember in my twenties and I'm literally used to Google what is my purpose why am I an earth whatever and I've asked lines to before because people are in the spots are like well maybe I want to start a business may be filled in life and so I asked will what like you up what brings you Joy what does comes too easily that you're so much fun with a lot of people don't have any answer to that so how do you ask her how do you know I think it's a great question because I think that a lot of people don't have an answer to that because they're overthinking it they're overcomplicating it right because they're like how could I possibly you know make a six-figure income by sitting in a coffee shop talking to people well I don't know how could you you know what I mean like it's not like change direction ended up getting a general the gray Communications and marketing and then I got my paralegal and a working for her for 10 years f****** hated it and then guess what it's brought me back to this whole teaching in a different realm I'm not teaching K through 12 teaching through podcasting and through coaching and so again I couldn't fathom that that but that that is dire and love of mine since I was a young girl has stayed with me and just open up in a completely new Direction I couldn't have imagined so I guess it's something you shared with me is kind of discovering the sorry to be bold and courageous and step into her own light so what is it that you love cooking you have a cooking show or you love riding will freaking publish that book or you know what are examples maybe for you and your cell for clients that people are like oh my gosh I didn't know I could do that and have gone on to do it yeah I mean that's such a great question because I know what's really interesting is inside of the vision of you I get to lead Vision creation workshops when I get to work with my clients one-on-one to develop what is like what is your vision you know like if you could do anything what would you do right and they have these ideas and they're like you know I think so often we talk ourselves out of there because we're like that's just too good to be true like you know we're kind of in green to be like we can only be happy for so long and then we have to go like you know that was fun now we've got to go back you know back to work or whatever but with that being said what I've been able to witness is it's just so amazing like because I've been able to see like a woman that came to a workshop that was like you know I have all of this Hospitality experience and I would like to open my own event center right like that was what she wanted to do but shortly thereafter she realize that was going to be quite a bit of an investment but that doesn't mean that she's not involved in events she's now doing event planning and coordination and design on her own and it's it's going phenomenally well right so it's it's the thing of you know you have the you have the skill-set and the big and the big idea my coaching business is idea of you coaching because I love your ideas and I love the idea of you and what you could think of to create but it doesn't always have to be exactly the way that it came to you right it's it's that you know we talked about this earlier as well Heather is it's the I believe God Source Universe whatever you whatever you were late to gives you an idea and a vision for a reason because you're here to carry that out now it doesn't always look like the way that you think it's going to be because the how and the full path aren't revealed to you from day one right from that time that you download that idea where that Vision but it's up to you to take that inspired action to take the first step in to see where do we go okay we took stuff when we landed here now what do I do I take another step and what direction does that put me in okay now I'm taking another step it's it's not leaping it's just taking those baby steps and knowing and having that trust and faith that you're taking the right action I think something important to note there is to ask questions like I'm now living in a space of I'm asking for guidance and I'm like okay you know what I realized I don't know the best path until my mantras show me the way but not only do I have to ask I know I have to create the space to get an answer so maybe is that in meditation or for me it's going for a run and that's how I would share something else actually again timely podcast that I released yesterday I just want to help people because maybe some people are still sitting there going I don't know what my thing is so this entrepreneur he's actually a naval officer base in Oklahoma add a business, that whole masculine energy trying to make s*** happen blah blah blah and then when he finally got his what he was frustrated and asked the question what am I supposed to do he started pay attention to the external cues what I mean by that is do people come to you time and time again for something specific like are you really good what is your zone of Genius that maybe you're not even paying attention to so long story short people kept coming to him on how do you create a podcast he never planned it he has now created a business and of course that has gotten picked up by multiple College universities and it is currently the only 4 credit college class on podcasting and again he couldn't have created that but people kept coming to him asking so I have you experienced that as well that whole to pay attention to external cues what do people ask me for absolutely I think it's paying attention to the external cues on what are people asking for and also what are you seeing right so there's like this power of 3 so if you hear something 3 times you must go investigate it right like if you here like this example if you here in this example at least three times you need to create a podcast while you'd be great at creating a podcast while you have an amazing voice you need to be on a podcast he's heard it 3 he's had three different confirmations he's got to go explore that now right and I see it time and time again with my clients to where I can see so clearly I can see so clearly what they're meant to do and they aren't there yet they keep kind of like circling and circling in like trying to land the plane on something and they like they get close to it but they get scared so they have to like come over to something else and then they come back to it and then it's like this game that they and it's not up to me to tell my clients like this is the thing that you need to do go do it but it's up to me to be their guide and interesting that this is coming up again did you realize that we talked about listening session last time you don't like those kinds of things it's those confirmations and the other thing I will say to you and I know we talked about this is the synchronicities right like see the synchronicities that the universe will give you on your on the right path and in the way that those show up for me most often is in numbers like 11:11 222 333 when you look at the clock you start to see those numbers lining up quite a bit and I've opened number of people's eyes to that even even when you go to do you know the coffee shop and your total is 888 but that's another Divine sign that you're on the right path I love that and on that note we are I also believe that we all have kind of our own symbol however we're going to resonate Universe uni God's spirit is going to talk to us and so for me and different times in my life has been different things but my for sure go to always butterflies when I see a butterfly flying if I see I see him all the time on cars and how many people have freaking butterfly bumper stickers on People's Clothing but however I've also seen like all the sudden I'll look up at a billboard on my was that written for me or I've heard the song over and over again and but today it's stuck out and that line so it's that whole paying attention because accuser there are absolutely absolutely there was one time before before I left my sales job I was driving like 2 hours and worse and that day I was like I'm going to write down every billboard that I see and I did and I wrote down like everyone that I just happened to look up at right like I didn't like speak them out but I was like every time I happen to look up I'm going to write this down and every single message with like Be Inspired you can do this you're on the right path like become better you know like it was all these you know hire signs and I was just like how amazing is that so for those of you that are listening you know I feel called to you know challenge you and that like start to just you know don't overthink it but start to pay attention I mean it can be like you know like Heather and I were talking maybe you're starting to notice the clock number is lining up that was the one that's very first started for me I was like why am I seeing 1111 all the time like what is that I didn't even know what it was about I didn't know it was a synchronicity I would but I was like keep seeing 1111 and then I finally you know ask the Google's what is that or it were the butterflies or you know the Billboards you know I I challenge anybody that's you know driving and listening in the car light take stock to what you see on a billboard or on a bumper 8 or on a on a bumper sticker and also the license plate game what kind of license plates are you see something I would like to share and I want to hear your input is I think most of humanity takes life too serious especially for listening to the new you're inundated with fear and negativity and violence in the world is going to s*** however depending on what you're taking in is going to be your experience and so I I'm realizing and just have this internal knowing that and I love the Disney movies are on another great one for me and messages but Disney's newest movie sole purpose is to experience and I think that's what we've got and she was at home what was your spark mine was teaching and you know what is yours spark and what what lights you up and I guess my question for you is or somebody sitting there they have an internal legend that knowing that they're meant to be doing something else how do you step into being open journaling in literally I can come to you and through you through the pen and paper so there's not one right way to do this but you've got to start absolutely not one right or wrong way I believe you have to have the desire and then you're right to ask and then create the space to allowing like you know it's funny even for me it's it's walking outside in nature another place where I get a lot of downloads is like when I'm in the shower in the morning like I just my mind just goes and I get like so many good things that I actually have a window markers and the bathroom so that when I get out of the shower I can capture my ideas on the mirrors before they go this cuz once I get into the rest of the day then I like forget what I was thinking about so yeah it's just anything I mean it can be in a bike riding you know anything that just allows you to just forget all the pressures of like Everett with what we perceived to be everyday life I think that's really important and I think you also had on this earlier and I I made a note but you know Tony Robbins says this all the time but where your focus goes your energy flows right so if you're watching the news and you're still focused on all of you know what's happening there that's where your energy is going to go to so you know just be aware of that I want to ask you what are some of your daily disciplines oh great Christian daily disciplines every morning wake up around 5:30 I should meditate and then journal and then I work out with my husband every morning just like cianjur go like move your body and then what else do I do a row and water sorry I'm like what am I 5 things so it's water that's actually very first thing meditate Journal movement and I do also say a prayer of thanks like thank you for this day thank you for waking up today thank you for my healthy body my healthy family those kinds of things so wait a minute it's not looking at your phone scrolling checking email already getting like hijacking your day with other people stuff no well I think that's important please no leg if you're doing that please just like wait if that's the fur if you roll over and you pick up your phone right away just please at least like count to ten before you do it I mean I'm not asking you to put the phone away for the entire morning but please just try to baby step your way into like away from that not into that but away from it was the only reason I brought that up is it comes down to being an intentional with your day with your time with your energy with your thoughts with whatever but I love that and most people preach about a morning routine but the reason is because I I believe you have to fill up your own cup so take care of Mind Body Spirit in the morning and then you're you set yourself up day to take care of others absolutely one question for you what is a key takeaway you went with her to get from this conversation I think the biggest takeaway from our conversation Heather is that if you have something on your heart that you feel like you are like you are called to be doing something more is too like we said before I ask for what that thing is asked for the clarity and surrender and allow it to come to you because the world needs you the world needs you the world needs the gifts that you have and the world right now now more than ever we need we need everyone on this planet in this world everyone that's listening to this podcast we need you now more than ever to step up and shine your light and share your gift with all of us now more than ever we leave you no matter what that looks like preach I love that you're right though I have a couple rapid fire questions to ask you to wrap up the interview what is a quote or model that you live by surrender and allow that's easy I think it's some people you know try to make life too complicated but you know what I used to and I used to overcomplicate it and I have a very good friend and she was like surrender and allow surrender and I would just was like what like she had to say it to me and then I finally got it and everything started unlocking but I'm a type a control freak you want me to surrender and allow you went from maybe doing that to living in flow Annie's is that apparently what is a book you're currently reading or highly recommend I booked I'm currently reading and or highly recommend is the magic of belief and I don't know who wrote it that's okay you know what's another really good one though is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill final question what advice would you give your younger self oh my younger self your life is going to turn out totally different than you expected but in the most beautiful way so just keep going and what a great note to end on Sarah thank you so much for joining me thank you heather it's a pleasure