Episode #330 The Universe is a friendly place and wants you to have all that you desire. In this episode, learn how to ask and get out of your own way so you can live the life you imagine.

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The universe has your back this is one of my favorite quotes and models that I heard many years ago and I know it to be true also when you jump let the net appear and this is typing for me time and time again and I'm willing to bet if you take a moment to reflect and see when you did something when you had this unknowing faith and belief that things worked out for you the resources you need came your way the people you needed whatever it was thanks just showed up and this happens time and time again and it made me think if you have an Amazon Alexa I love her because she's just like the universe having your back you send a request to play music or add something your to-do list to set a timer whatever it is and she's always happy to oblige Alexa always has our back and that's what I want you to think about the next time you have a request the next time there's something in life that you want maybe it's to grow your business or to start 1 or 2 work your way up in the current business & career you have or do you have better relationships or to attract a new soap Social Circle or travels or at new housing situation a car a material object whatever it is I want you to know that Universe Source wants you to have whatever it is you desire and the only person holding you back from what it is that you want is you but that should Empower you that should help you realize that you have the key to everything you want in life and it's our thoughts it's our limiting beliefs it's our habits and our disciplines that are keeping us away from the things we want so in this Alexa example when is the last time you ask for something and you had an expectation that it was going to come your way that's what we do right we don't ask Alexa to play music and then wonder if she's going to she just does and she's happy to do it if we want a different song if we want more volume whatever it is all we have to do is ask and we receive it just like that it's that easy and I want you to know the exact same thing is possible for you when it comes to Desires in this Human Experience have you ever had a situation in which you were thinking about somebody and then they called this literally happened to me yesterday was thinking about a friend I haven't talked to you in several months wondering why I haven't heard from him and literally within a couple of hours I heard from him and that's how quickly things show up for us Truly take some life assessment what is it that you want in life and I want you to focus on one area And I want you to focus on one area of life just one because otherwise I feel like you get too diluted Zoe H2 deluded and then that's where all the doubts and everything the resistance gets in the way from keeping you from what you actually want Neville Goddard is a great example of this and I've been reading several of his books lately and what he talks about is the imagination that everything starts in her mind and as I shared with this shared this before with you it's all about quantum physics tells us the exact same thing our mind is the cause and the are external environment are the effects but it all stems from our thinking so if you have it you have desire you think it you imagine it you feel it using your five senses and you don't have any doubt or resistance that is going to come your way and how quickly things appear for you right I know you've experienced this before it's just whether or not that you're consciously aware of it and that's what I want to help you understand is that the universe is a friendly place the universe has your back and so the only thing keeping you from the money that help the relationships the business is the career whatever it is whatever you're trying to achieve or obtain it's because you ultimately don't feel that it is yours or you feel it's difficult or you have to earn it or you do you have to strive for it you have to effort you have to take all these actions and I just want you to know it's as easy as saying hey Alexa and then whatever it is that you okay so the next time you have a desire and if you want right now after you finish this video this podcast think of something you want and all you have to do is picture request out into the universe have that excited anticipation that knowing that faith that belief that it is yours and watch how quickly it shows up and guess what I want this to be more interactive I want to hear from you so please hit me up on the social platforms on Instagram is at Heather. Hakes feel free to check out my website header hicks.com and email me directly I want to see how this is working for you I would love to share your story on my next video or podcast I want to hear from you because learning this and just listening to it is all intellectual it's not until you implement and you actually start doing what I am teaching you that your life is going to change but that's what I want most for you I want your life to change I want you to live this Anna see in this imagined life of your dreams and it's totally possible and totally capable for you to have whatever it is you want all I'm asking is that you get out of your own way let go of your house and your limiting beliefs in your resistance and allow the universe to show you the way thanks for tuning in today's video