Episode 334: There are many paths to self mastery - today I'm sharing how golf is a metaphor for life. You need a focus, direct aim and positive self talk to get to where you want to go. Also, the awareness to self correct when you've fall off course.

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Hey there it's Heather Hakes welcome back to my Channel today I want to share with you a high-level overview of a past self-mastery but what I want you to know first before we get started is there is no one way to get to where we're all seeking and that is true that is wisdom that is self-mastery right but because there's no one way I want to share you with something that has come to me ever so more clear in the last few weeks I originally picked up golf many years ago I bought one of those women starter kits in a bag just general clubs in I got to play every now and then literally like once a year sometimes a couple times this season when I get to work in corporate during golf scrambles but the most important thing to me with golf was and still is it to have fun I literally I don't even keep score I don't count maestro because that's when we get into our head that's when we start beating ourselves up and you know negative self-talk which is going to lead to potential bad strokes and bad holes insert for me anybody that has golfed with me knows I'm there to have fun I don't take it serious and that's how I end up occasionally hitting some really good drives and really amazing cut but remember I don't do this seriously I don't beat myself up for a bad stroke a bad swing when I shake it to the right again I'm having fun and it's like oh well I learned that don't hit it like that so what I want to share with you is this since there are so many past self-mastery I want to take you through how golf is the great metaphor for life and what I mean by that is how you do anything is how you do everything so whether you're on the golf course or making dinner with your family or talking to somebody on the phone or just at home finishing tasks or not literally and I truly believe this how you do anything is how you do everything so for example golf as his metaphor for life I like to give guys a hard time and I tend to golf with men it's definitely more male-dominated sport but the men that get close to the hold the Puckett's close but they don't finish it I remember this was several weeks ago and I was like mindblown number one I love Chloe plus I love the sound of that pink when the ball hits the whole and so for those that get close to the hole and either give up or they're frustrated or they went over part and they don't finish it made me think of Michael where are where else in life aren't they finishing where are they coming close but not going all the way so that's what I want to help you think of right here right now we're in life are you just stopping before the Finish Line where are you letting self-doubt Creepin or your negative self-talk to keep you from going all the way where are you creating these resistance and blocks in life to keep you from what you truly desire and want to achieve because I want you to know and I say this off any struggle or sacrifice is always self-imposed all right on to the next thing this is so apparent in golf and I love how Eckhart Tolle teaches that power of the present moment and it here's why it's so evident in golf here's a link so let's say the ball is down and you swinging a mess if you're sitting there beating yourself up for something that happened week seconds ago or moments before you're no longer in the present moment and that's my golf is a great example for this but you could talk about this in the in the area but you know let's say you're driving down the road and somebody cut you off all right well they were a dick but whatever that's not what's happening right now so let go of what happened behind you that way when you get up to the next week when you go to the next hole or the next putt you have a clear mind there's nothing that happened in the past that's affecting your now so that's something I really want to emphasize is the power of the present moment no matter what you are doing and remember keep caring this Mantra through how you do anything is how you do everything and most importantly relationships are fine example of this stay present to theAll right just nothing so I was literally golfing last night there were four of us it was two guys and two girls and the woman we were obviously on the same cheat sheet box and so I asked her because I could see that she was in such a Negative headspace that you know she wasn't in the power of the present moment and she was beating herself up and I was like okay we'll wait a minute step back tell me where are you going to hit this ball and so what I was doing there was number one getting her to focus number to I wanted her to have a clear and definite aim and again this is a great metaphor for life if you don't have focus and you don't have a name well then where the hell are you going or when you swinging a mess how are you going to self-correct to get back on course and so she played along and she's like all right I'm going to hit it straight down the middle and I was like yes you are and this is something I do for myself every time I get in stance and I'm ready and I take a deep breath and I exhale again breathwork is an amazing way to stay in the present moment I looked down and like right where do I want to hit the ball and again in your life right now wherever you're at in any area your finances your healthy relationships work career it doesn't matter do you have a name and are you staying presentThe guy that I played with last week I love this so if you're unfamiliar with golf hopefully this metaphor is making sense but this standard par or the number of swings to hit a quote perfect score on 18 holes is a 72 I've no idea what mine is because remember I don't keep score because I don't care but this guy told me and it was a funny joke and he's like I had to 72 every time I play it just depends what whole I stopped at so what I want to ask you is where are your beliefs where are you hitting under par or where could you help heart because what I want you to know is par as this metaphor is a construct somebody else created that if you think your ceiling is only make a hundred grand a year or you think you know you can only have 4 weeks vacation or whatever believe if you want to talk about whatever limitation you've imposed I want to let you know that that's only somebody's idea that was somebody's thoughtClear again this is back to the same what is your part 4 Life how much do you want to make what experiences do you want to have and let this be your own apart you're in your own games this is nobody else's game of life but your own and as I preach constantly you are the creator of your life on or off and we're all on our own path of self-mastery so what I want to ask you from this podcast from these teachings I've shared with you today number one what is your aim in life where are you going be mindful and aware of your self talk and pay attention to your habits because how you do anything is how you do everything