Episode 335: Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr. joined me to shared his journey of being an underdog. Learn three steps to replace your fears and persevere, despited the odds!

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 Hey Hi how are you glad to be here today thank you for doing please give me a listen to Lil background where do you live and what do you do I live in Pageland South Carolina about 45 minutes from Charlotte North Carolina and I am a motivational speaker and I am a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize award in a published author of my 4 motivational book and that's an amazing story where you at today but that wasn't where you come from right so if you don't mind I left for you to share a little background you know we all have a story so I don't want to get stuck on your story because you know a lot of people get hooked to a story or an identity but I do want to know where you have come from and how you have shifted the trajectory of your life by choice right yes I'm glad you asked me where I came from you know my whole life you know people tried to put limitations on me I was always the underdog and people didn't believe in me I was told I would never amount to anything and I failed the first grade and I was labeled as retarded and I was bullied in school when I had a reading comprehension problem and had a learning disability and when I got in high school you know my high school teacher told me I wasn't smart enough to go to college he said I was a graduate high school you know Tommy you might as well go to the military all go to the factory get a job at the factory or flip Burgers what I almost believed her you know what I tried to take the military past and I remember as I was taking the military that I could not even focus you know cuz I already had a reading and comprehension problem had to learn abilities I felt bad about myself about all the limitations that was put on me how long was bullied you know nobody believed in me and I remember when I was sitting in that classroom taking that military caste all I could hear do negative voices in my head what time are you know you're not smart enough to go to college, you know you're not going to graduate high school you know the time when you know you know you might as well go to the military or go flip Burgers on work in the factory it so you know when I got my test back my scores back unfortunately I did not you know I did not I did not ask the military test and you know just my whole life you know limitations or put on me and then finally you know I went and try to take the SAT to get in the column and unfortunately I think it in college but at that time you know I started having like problems you know I was going through I was dealing with the fresh and I got sick mentally and hospitalized for a whole year and then you know I flunked out of college but then when I got out of the hospital you know I got back in on academic probation it pretty much in my life no people just didn't believe any limitations or put on that was my own self motivated you know I encourage myself and I Inspire myself and I was my own motivator you know I had to be the one to preach to myself because of all the negativity that was spoken over my life but here's what I want to know because we all have our own story right we all have our history our power maybe similar experience is not the exact same story but a lot of people's limitations has been imposed on us or their beliefs that we take him we think on the gospel because they said that that's not what the point is you have something inside of you to persevere through all of these DS belief systems right so what was that put you despite the quote odds yes I'm glad you asked that question you know basically you know you know if it was my my face in it and in the Creator you know when that was just something and you know my friend and mother you know she all she was my you know greatest motivation you know from everything I was going through you know she just told me you know she said Tommy you know numbered you know you have issues you know you've been through this but you know you can make it but she always encouraged me she always inspire me she always motivating me and plus you know you're as you said you know I'm already home or even when I fell the first grade. Even when I barely graduated high school high school teacher told me that you know I was already home you know I was already a success you know I was already gray and as you know I was already amazed I was already phenomenal even before I got to where I am now so even all those tell you that I had and all those limitations I was that successful Tommy we got to where I am now I was already full before that and that's what people need to realize it though you know you don't have to wait till you meet called call success or or paint something or or get an award I become somebody break before it happened you already grey you're already successful you already nighter you already loves you already know you are a wolf feeling it you already break you already successful you already special even before you asked Lee if that's what you have to realize see don't be sad when they say you got that you got it you got to do this and you got to do this next Friday before you become who you are I know you're already that you already that whole you already that brightness even before you become what the world think you should be dr. Tommy did you just Channel Eric Thomas yeah I love Eric Thomas what's a column self now that the hip-hop preacher some attention that so many people are sitting in this mental headspace of I'm not worthy I'm not enough I've got to prove myself I need validated I need to achieve and then this whole I'll be happy when I'll be whatever successful when this link thing happens but you're right the message is you are whole and complete right now here today stop f****** waiting for these fill in the blank things to happen so I love that and thank you for sharing that but I think something that you touch on that is important is this whole having faith because we can't become quote victims of our environment many people sit in that space you know life is happening to me were with me but we all have enough to some of us not just me and not just you we all have that internal Guiding Light I believe it comes down to Choice do you want to tune into that and be guided to live the best version of you and that does come down to having faith because something he shared with me is he having belief before you have proof what does that mean for you see it you know you you you can't you can't just say okay I'm going to I'm going to believe in myself once I said no you always say that you have to see it before you see it they have to be that internal and deafness are as a people I don't say this is what I call it you know you have to say okay you know even before it even before it manifest you know I know that it's going to happen you know I'm already home I'm already successful get it going to hack you got to say you got to say it if you got to have the mindset it has already happened before it happens What would life be like for all of us is that is how we were living every single day if we got out of bed every day with that mentality what would like how would life be different yes this work this life will be a much better place if people understood the concept that I just said I just said you know if they say you know okay well cuz so many people that way cuz you know they have low self-esteem they don't love themselves they don't believe in themselves because of the circumstances you know but if they have the mindset you know case you not wake up Here I Am Lord I am success I am brightness I am phenomenal I am special I am beautiful you have to know that you are that regardless of what life is on your way you know don't don't don't don't don't let the things in this world don't let all the negative things all the bad things that's happening in the world for all the bad things that happened in your life shake your thinking about yourself based off what you're going through you got to have two positive mindset and you got to be positive and safe regardless of what I am success regardless of what life in front of me I do matter regarding some with a life on me so I am for now on I am a fancy and I I have already cheated I am home regardless of what life is throwing at you and if we think positive and have them have their positive mindset and think like this life would be so much better okay I want it I want to debunk something real quick because I think it's 2 cliche nowadays to be like just have a positive mindset so I just want to explain what that means to an end if you want to explain what it means to you somebody get Instagram messages all the time all you're so positive and I'm like well it was about building my mindset muscle because it is easy to be judgmental and negative for me having this positive mindset or this forward Focus it's about being intentional and I'm just choosing I want this way of life instead of you know what most people are doing going through the motions on the hamster wheel just life is happening so for you let's kind of debunks the the message have a positive mindset what do you really mean what up what I really want I really mean by that you know you know how can I say it is it's a lifestyle from the you know it's not something that you don't like you said you were saying I mean it is any for some it is a summation of who I am you know I you know this is who I am you know this is this is this is this is my mine said you know it's just a person that I am you know I've decided what you know this is who I'm going to be you know I made the start you know how I made this decision you know it's a better than that you know it it it's only inside of me in it it is who I am it is my mind said I love that so the word I love that I pulled from that is lifestyle it is it's a lifestyle choice you know something I would love to touch on that you shared with me is a message about stop walking in fear that fear paralyzes you let's talk see her because it's something we all have this past year there's been a lot of fear you know in the media and kind of everywhere you look but how can we hey fear that we all have and not let it run our life why you can take fear and not let it run your life is you have to decide you have to make that decision that regard to what I'm seeing in the world bigger than my life I am going to make a decision to not allow fear to paralyze when you just have to make a choice it's not anything it's not anything you have to do anything you know it's down to a choice it down making that decision that at that I'm not going to allow this here I'm not going to allow what's going on in my life is going on to the world to call disappeared to paralyze me anymore her life and called me called me to pack in a way that's not the person that that you really all that I really am I'm not going to allow fear to paralyze me it's a decision you just have to make that choice of make a decision to say I'm not you're paralyzed formatting my mind okay so that I love that one it is really for me when I'm in that sphere mine Center stay that is that internal tug-of-war that struggle but when you catch yourself because I'm sure there are times when you go back to a limiting belief or maybe you experience helped out or imposter syndrome or you question can I do this here so when you cut yourself in those moments how do you snap back at go wait a minute no that's not me that's not my direction okay thanks Emily with your it was when we went way 20 here trying to creep in your mind and it tries to come in you you have to catch it mediately okay you have to say to you if that's okay I see I'm having these thoughts this that's starting to make me afraid you got you got to rest it a rest that call a rash that thought of your mind a rest that thought in your mind that's bringing you feel you got to say okay this so you are under arrest I rested so and I'm not going to allow it to Lake Norman in my mind the brain that see in my mind that will possibly flies my thinking and paralyze my decision I like that visual to arrest it but question on that once you were rested how do you release it because otherwise whatever you resist persists so if you're like resisting oh no no no no no that Spears creeping up again and it's going to gain more power so how do you just up catch it Arrested and Let It Go fear of thought is arrested it has to be replaced it and you need to replace it with another with a positive off thank you baby doll at what time you going to be out at one time thought comes a thought of fear comes you arrested number to replace it you replace it with a positive thought it once you replace it with that positive thought to meditate on that positive thought I love that so it's something I say is pull the weeds and planting seeds but you're right so you arrested and replace it and then I like that you added to meditate on it because when you're putting your focus and attention on that that's going to gross now if you've replaced it and then you I like that you kind of marinade and then you go forward okay I love that night the importance I believe in a morning routine the first thing you wake up how easy it is to go to your phone or check social media or get wrapped back up into the you know the world delusions and fears how do you spend your mornings okay I wake up pretty early every morning I wake up at like I wake up at like 5 in the morning you know you know I I I I I pray I meditate and then you know I ever I do that you know I go after I after I wake up in the morning I pray and I meditated and if I do that you know I do my motivational video for that day you know, do you know what I'll make up a very early and I get my day started I pray and I meditate now if I do that I'll do my motivation video that I do for free every day for the whole world in all that show is title on this is your time this is your season. This is your moment I love that so what it sounds like is kind of what I related to his building that mindset muscle when you're filling out your cup with good stuff and then your you know you're working out the mental mindset that is how you get the forward Focus for the day yes absolutely I love that a question for you if you could give Humanity a billboard message what is that saying that you want to plaster up to let everyone know I want to let everyone know that you are not defined by what you called the world the wish for the world the world thinks in order for you to become successful that you have to put in all this work you have to do this this is stop set you don't like what we talked about you are already home you are already pregnant if you never accomplish another thing if you never do anything with your life you are somebody you are beautiful you are special you are intelligent you are smart you are phenomenal you are amazing you are with her and you are a champion right now regardless if you never do anything else you are home I love it and I think that's a great thing something I've done before is written those kind of messages on a mirror that I am statements in it makes me remember that little blonde girl with all the curls who stood in front of the marriage and I love my brother and I left my inch just yeah you trying to you got to answer yourself up so I love that so question for you what is one key takeaway you want listeners to get from our conversation what I want what I want my lessons to take away from this conversation is believe in yourself believe in yourself know who you are as a person no matter what people say about you no matter what you're born to know that you are already success even before you even before you accomplished anything know that you are home know that you are beautiful know that you are special don't think you are made love yourself believe in yourself and know that anything is possible know that you are already know that you are that you that you do matter know that you are somebody even if no one else ever tells you they love you even if you never accomplish another thing know that you are already a success and know that you are deeply love and appreciate it and I want to tell the whole world that I love you all with all of my heart and I deleted you and you matter you are amazing yes doctor Tommy reach I love to ask you a few questions to wrap up the interview absolutely the first one being what is a quote or model that you live by the Quilted model that I live by is people don't care how much you know people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care that's a good one what is a book you're currently reading or highly recommend I'm reading a book now called secret and I highly recommend the secret because this talks about the law of attraction it it is just such a powerful and amazing and ultimately what that's what it comes down to the Law of Attraction it really is just emphasizing the power of our thoughts and the truth is we have no idle thoughts but the thoughts we think the thoughts we think are projecting our reality so when you become conscious and aware of these thoughts you can change the trajectory of your life I write my final question for you what advice would you give your younger self if I said I will give my younger self is believe in myself and have more confidence in and don't let the opinions of other people you know validate who I am because when I was younger as I told you earlier and I interview you know I always worried about what people thought about me you know what see Bledsoe see you then see what they said I could do it they said I could achieve what they said I couldn't accomplish it you know I actually believe that and I didn't believe in myself and I walked in so much pain so I went in and I didn't know I was talk to you at that time I didn't know I was told at that time but even then when I when I went through all that all my failures I was already home so that if I stop and get my younger self doubt that I will tell my younger self you are home I love that and what a great note to end on thank you so much for joining me you are more than welcome